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Being a makeup artist means you get to showcase your creativity for a living. As someone who works up-close with color and technique, your wardrobe is yet another blank canvas for you to experiment with. But your clothing choices also tell a storyโ€”and what you wear can say a lot to potential clients. As the famous adage goes, dress for the job you want. So if you want to attract those top clients, make sure your wardrobe reflects the highly-skilled, professional makeup artist that you are.

But revamping your wardrobe for a professional setting doesnโ€™t mean you have to lose your personality. This style infographic from T.M. Lewin breaks down ways you can make your fashion choices more work-appropriate without sacrificing your own trademark look. Itโ€™s all about creating a balance with your own eye for design.

After all, many clients see makeup artists as leaders in the fashion and beauty industry. Itโ€™s your job to stay on top of trends! And this London-based fashion house definitely knows about elevating classic pieces. So dress like professional makeup artist! Get styling and get ready to make a statement!

infographic how to dress like a professional makeup artist

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