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Category: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Makeup

Judge: Nathan Johnson

Here’s what Nathan was looking for:

  • Creativity: Use your imagination and make something new. Re-doing a popular YouTube how-to does not count as creativity. Dig into your imagination and create something different, unique, and fantastical.
  • Skill: Flex your makeup muscles and show off a wide variety of techniques (blending, contouring, symmetry, use of color, etc). I expect makeup that utilizes ALL your skills.
  • Photo Quality: Take great images. If you want to have your work seen and celebrated, you will need beautiful, clear images. And, don’t be afraid to bring mood and setting into your image. Don’t just do a great makeup, create a great shoot!!
  • Fun: I want to see the joy, magic and fantasy you create! Have fun every step of the way!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Scoring:


Artist: Rachel Naylor

  • Creativity: 6/10
  • Skill: 7/10
  • Photo Quality: 8/10
  • Fun: 7/10
  • Total: 28/40

Comments: The evil teddy bear has been popular on YouTube for several years now. Here are links to two of the many how to’s (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fp8hAJOXkd4 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJM_BRibdJc). I do appreciate the effort that you put in, but I really would have loved to see you put your own unique spin on it, or better, create something brand new all together. I think the smokey eye make up application is superb and the eyebrow would make any Hollywood starlet swoon, but I would have liked to see some more detail put into the teeth. If you had really worked in your highlight and shadow in the mouth, you could have really distorted and reshaped the teeth into something horrifying. That would have really completed the look. Great effort!


Artist: Charley Arnold

  • Creativity: 7/10
  • Skill: 7/10
  • Photo Quality: 8/10
  • Fun: 7/10
  • Total: 29/40

Comments: The robot hidden in the human is another rather popular Halloween make-up application. I think you did some lovely work with the highlight and shadow on the peeling skin, as well as along the layered pieces of metal. This created a nice feeling of depth. The rivets along the cheekbone are also amazing. There is one part that makes the look hard for me to believe—and yes, I am a stickler—with so little structure on the neck and shoulders, the skin would not have any support. If a robot is under the skin, it would likely have to be all metal or the skin would be riddled with indentations that would make it impossible for this robot to hide in plain sight. I do appreciate that you took a spin on this that is different than many of the existing how to’s, but my advice for future character creation would be make sure all the elements add up for maximum believability. Congrats on some wonderfully detailed work.


Artist: Kaleene Knight

  • Creativity: 8/10
  • Skill: 8/10
  • Photo Quality: 10/10
  • Fun: 9/10
  • Total: 35/40

Comments: I am rather inspired that you chose to create something that is entirely unique and new. I appreciate that you utilized so many makeup techniques here. The soft cheek contour adds a great deal of refined shape to the face in an effortless way and the extended cat eye is flawless. Kudos as well for doing such a precise lip. The prosthetic is very interesting as are the glass/stones. I think you went above and beyond to set the mood of your story and it really comes through in the image. Bravo. If I saw this emerge from the water, I would likely run for my life. Is it the crystals that cast a spell on them? I don’t ask this as a criticism. You’ve told a story here and my mind is running away with it. That is a sign of a job well done.


Artist: Katie Alves

  • Creativity: 9/10
  • Skill: 9/10
  • Photo Quality: 10/10
  • Fun: 10/10
  • Total: 38/40

Comments: This is very a interesting and beautiful makeup. I love the duality of the look, and I have a great appreciation for how beautiful and different it is with and without black light. The skin is flawless and the make up is nearly perfectly symmetrical, which is not an easy task with so much detail. The lip application is also beautiful. I think the biggest compliment goes to your subtle use of the black light make up. Often, when someone uses a specialty product they go overboard, but your usage is perfect. Great detail and very thoughtful.


Artist: Heidi Adams

    • Creativity: 10/10
    • Skill: 10/10
    • Photo Quality: 10/10
    • Fun: 10/10
    • Total: 40/40

Comments: The fortune teller with the third eye has been done many times before, but NEVER like this. You have reimagined this look in such a way that it puts all the various how-to’s currently online to shame. The third eye is superb, the upper and lower lashes are an amazing touch. The eye itself is a beautiful demonstration of precision, highlight, contour and blending. The lips and tarot cards are flawless. The amount of detail used on the entire face and neck is astounding. This is a masterclass in character creation, brilliant work.

The winner of the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Category is Heidi Adams!

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