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Remember when wearing glasses meant getting teased by schoolyard bullies who had too much time on their hands? Nowadays, glasses are considered to be hip fashion accessories that can pull together an outfit just as well as any statement necklace. But some people seem to think that picking up a new pair of glasses means putting the eyeshadow brush to rest–that’s simply not the case!

Yes, wearing glasses is literally adding a frame to your client’s face… but that doesn’t mean she has to stop filling in your brows or sweeping on some blush! So what if there’s one more element to consider when you do her makeup? Don’t take it as a setback, consider it a challenge!


If you’re on the lookout for ways to do your client’s makeup while she rocks those specs, keep reading!

Luscious Lips

bold red lip with cat eye glasses frames

We can’t always rock loud, bright, colorful makeup on the daily, but when we do, glasses can sometimes take away some of the impact. Bright colors don’t always translate well behind your reflective lenses— but this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your client’s makeup! If she’s really itching to mix up her look with a bright pop of color, why not move it down to her lips instead? Bold lips and a toned-down eye can look amazing when done right. Just remind her to exfoliate and moisturize her lips!

The Everyday Eye

If your client isn’t a fan of having too many things going on at once, just focus on her lashes. Some of your clients might suffer the woes of having their lashes hit their lenses when they blink, but that doesn’t mean you should boycott that area altogether! Keep an eyelash curler in your makeup bag to curl your client’s lashes. It’ll open up her eyes and keep them from touching her glasses. Coat her top lashes with mascara, but skip the bottom lashes— it can make her eyes look sunken and tired.

everyday makeup for glasses

Change Your Shape

Remember when we visited the different eyeliner looks for each eye type?. Depending on your client’s prescription, her glasses can make her eyes look either larger or smaller than they actually are. Sometimes the difference is slight, but other times her eyes can look cartoony—and not in a cute way! But fear not. Some expert lining can make all the difference! If your client’s lenses magnify her eyes, try lining her waterline to define them while making them more proportionate to her face. And if her eyes are looking on the smaller side? Pop some highlighter or a flesh-toned liner into the inner corners to open them up!

Pro tip: Thick frames = thick liner, thin frames = thin liner

Uptown Funk

With a million different colors for eyeliner out there, why stick to just a black or brown? People think that colored eyeliner can be too loud and risky, but that’s not the case!
In fact, smudging a colored kohl liner on your client’s top lid can actually lighten up her look since a black liner can sometimes be too harsh.

colored eyeliner and mascara to compliment glasses on makeup model

Want more subtlety? Why not pop on some blue or violet mascara as a second coat on top of the usual black? The black background will mute the colors a bit and create a nice tint to your client’s lashes without being too dramatic.

Hello, Highlight!

Glasses might flatten out your client’s features or make her eyes look way too dark if you go for an extra smoky look. Break out that go-to neutral palette with a large range of shades (and advise her to invest in one, too!). Add dimension back into her eyes by using a light, non-shimmery shade on the center of her lids, and blend in a slightly darker, matte shade into her crease. Since frames tend to cast a shadow under your eyes (emphasizing any dark circles), apply a lighter concealer under there to lift her eyes out of the darkness. Save the sultry, smoky look for a frame-free day!

Bold, Beautiful Brows!

bold eyebrows frame girl's face with makeup on

Yeah, your client’s glasses frame her eyes, but her brows frame her face! Sometimes your client’s frames may be so chunky that they overshadow her brows, but it’s your job to make sure they get some love. Clean up any strays around the brows, brush them flat using a spoolie, and fill as needed using your favorite powder, pencil, or pomade.

Finding Balance

If there’s one eyeliner tip you should pull from this article, it’s that the thickness of your client’s eyeliner should correspond with her frames. Thick, chunky frames should have thicker liner around the eyes to make them stand out. Likewise, thin, wire frames should be paired with thinner liner for some balance. When in doubt, do a cat eye! A quick flick at the end towards the top corner of her frames will elongate your client’s eye and make it appear bigger.

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