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Hi guys! Today I’m here to tell you about my journey into wanting to become a makeup artist! For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in makeup. When I was younger I would always sneakily steal my mum’s lipstick (sorry if you’re reading this, mum!) and try it on. Although I’ve always loved makeup, it was only in the last few years that I decided that I wanted it to become my career.

Where did it all begin?

When I was 18 I discovered the world of beauty blogging and vlogging, and this really sparked up my interest in makeup and made me eager to try out different products and experiment with makeup more. At the time I was actually enrolled to start university but it became apparent straight away that this wasn’t the right path for me and I dropped out. After dropping out and feeling a bit lost, I created my blog and from day one I have been a dedicated beauty blogger. I think my story goes to show that it’s never too late to change your mind and start doing truly what you love!

When university didn't work out, Amber created her beauty blog and never looked back!

After dropping out of university, I knew that I wanted to become a makeup artist but my biggest regret was not having the confidence to pursue it straight away! After a lot of encouragement from those around me I finally decided that it was time to start doing instead of dreaming. I looked through a lot of different courses, but none of them quite fitted my needs. When I discovered QC Makeup Academy I realised it was the perfect course for me to work around my schedule and to allow me to move along at my own pace! It turns out when you’re studying something you’re passionate about it doesn’t really feel like studying at all!

What comes next?

Now you know my story up till now, let’s talk about the future! After completing the ‘Master Makeup Artistry’ course I intend to pursue my dream of being my own boss as a freelance makeup artist. Although working for myself is always the end goal, I would love to work on a makeup counter to build up some experience for a little while too. One area that I’m pretty certain I want to go into is bridal makeup. I love the idea of being a small part of someone’s special day!

Could bridal makeup be part of Amber's future career? Definitely!

I get asked all the time what it is that makes me want to be a makeup artist and there are so many reasons! To me, makeup is a creative outletβ€” I love playing around with different colours and experimenting with different looks. I love how makeup can accentuate your natural features but also that it can transform you into looking like a completely different person! As much as I love doing my own makeup, I find just as much joy in doing other people’s too! Seeing a happy client’s face after you’ve done their makeup and the confidence that comes with that is one of the most uplifting things!

Amber xo

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