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Frosted lips were coveted in the ‘90s after being popularized by many celebs on the red carpet—we’re looking at you, Alicia Silverstone. And while the golden age of the frosted lip was two decades ago, the trend seems to be making a come-back.

Back then, the almost steel-grey sheen made some of us look like space robots—but don’t worry, that look is truly in the past. Frosted lipstick has gone through some major updates, and now celebrities like Rihanna and Mariah Carey are riding the frosted-pout wave. Some looks on the red carpet may be a bit daring, but others can be easily adapted to our everyday lifestyles.

We promise that the new-and-improved frosted shades rolling out onto store shelves are different and more refined than the ones we remember. So why not give them the ol’ college try?

What you should be looking for…

frosted lipstick space robot

So we know that we don’t want the undead ice queen look, but what kind of look do we want to achieve? What makes a frosted lipstick work for us rather than against us? Here’s a list of some things to look for when picking out a tube:

  • Finer pearl/shimmer particles
  • Creaminess so it doesn’t dry out your lips
  • Warmer shades—not the unflattering bubblegum pink or tan shade that washed everyone out in the ‘90s
  • Bronze, berry and vampy colors for a modern look
  • High pigmentation on the base color

How to pull it off…

It seems like this frosty trend is mixing with another trend we LOVE from the ‘90s—vampy lips! From brick-brown shades to the deep, rich plums we only dare to pull out on special occasions, these modern classics are turning frosty! If you are shooting for a dark, rich color, make sure that it isn’t sheer. Having a sheer base along with a high frosty finish is a recipe for disaster!

frosted lip

Remember strobing? Well if you want to try out the frosted lip, tone down the rest of your face. That doesn’t mean you should skip out on all the products that add dimension to your face, though. Just put down the ultra-shimmery highlighter and instead use a lighter concealer over top of your normal foundation on the areas you would normally highlight to make your face glow. And, if you really can’t go a day without dusting your cheekbones with a highlighter, at least opt for a low-shimmer alternative.

If you don’t want to go out and buy up frosted versions of all the colors you usually wear, try buying just one tube and layering it over other lipsticks you already have in your collection. If you want an old favorite to pop, a frosted lipstick will add dimension and change the character of your lips depending on the color of the added shimmer. For a subtle approach, start off with the frosted lipstick as a base, and apply an opaque color on top to mute the shimmer a little. It’s all about playing around with the colors and finishes until you get your desired look!

Some popular products…

frosted lips

Tom Ford—Lip Color—Guilty Pleasure

For many of us, especially those growing up in the ‘90s, the first product we associated with a frosty pout was a Lip Smacker lip balm. But who says that frosted lips are only for kids? If you’re looking for a lipstick in the lap of luxury, why not try out one of Tom Ford’s frosty lipsticks? With a whopping price tag of $52.00, this lipstick isn’t cheap. But if you want superior quality lipstick that makes you feel like a million bucks, this is it!

MAC—Viva Glam IV

Described as a “mid-tone rose with gold pearl”, this shade is incredibly flattering. If you’re looking for an easily accessible frosty shade as your foray into the game, this could be the one! The rosy color is more natural than the base color of our good old 90s favorites, and the staying power is on point despite the creamier formula! Plus, the Viva Glam line is for charity! What are you waiting for?

Lipstick Queen—All That Jazz—Hot Piano

At the forefront of taking risks in the makeup scene, Lipstick Queen has another winner on their hands with this beautiful shade. This ruby-red shade is bursting with shimmer while maintaining an air of sophistication. If you are searching for a hydrating, long-wear lipstick that stays on for hours at a time, check out All That Jazz.

Do you love frosted lipstick or hate it? Let us know what you think about this trend in the comments!

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