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Online shopping is old news. When it comes to technology, makeup artists are ready for something new! While makeup artists can find a whole range of software and apps for their business budgeting, booking, and accounting, good beauty apps are a little rarer.

But hey, the beauty world includes some talented techies, and many of them are coming up with makeup apps that might just blow your mind. Check out these 10 beauty apps—as if you needed an excuse to spend more time on your phone!

1. L’Oreal Makeup Genius

You know those test-it-out makeup apps where you upload a photo to give yourself a digital makeover and end up looking like someone took a box of Crayolas to your face? Yeah, this makeup app is nothing like that. Makeup Genius lets you test out new products and shades in real time. You can also test-run that red carpet look you loved before recreating it yourself. Got a client who’s unsure about shades? Let her test a few of them virtually before she commits.

2. Drugstore Dupes

An expensive product isn’t always that much better than its cheaper drugstore counterpart. If you’re in love with a pricy product but don’t want to fork over the money, check out Drugstore Dupes. This app pairs expensive products with drugstore brands in matching shades. When it comes to makeup shopping, this beauty app is the secret weapon in your back pocket.

Match your pricey favorites with cheaper drugstore dupes!

3. Beautylish

Take your favorite beauty community on the go with Beautylish’s mobile app. Access video tutorials, share your own tips and product reviews, and get inspired by beauty lovers and makeup artists around the world!

4. Bellashoot

Imagine a social media platform designed just for makeup lovers—that’s basically what Bellashoot is. This beauty app lets you share looks and products, follow other users, and save your favorite beauty tips and tutorials. Scroll through posts and videos from beauty bloggers and YouTubers from around the world to stay up-to-date on the latest makeup trends and tricks—and share a few yourself.

5. Stash

Tons of women end up with makeup collections that are a little out of control—and when you’re a makeup artist? Well, multiply that by ten. With all those products, it can get kind of tough to keep track of what you own, what you don’t, and what you’re running low on. That’s where Stash comes in. In addition to letting you browse looks from other users and purchase products right from their pictures, Stash lets you “sync up” your makeup kit. Once you’ve entered your product info, it keeps track of what you own and lets you know when you’re running low.

Running low on a kit staple? Stash will remind you!

6. ShadeScout

Inspired by the colors of that gorgeous summer sunset? Wish you could find the lipstick shade to match? ShadeScout is here to help. Upload a photo, hone in on the color you love, and let this beauty app find your product of choice from real brands to match. Then, just like with Makeup Genius, try the shade on in real time to see if it’s actually a good fit. Once you’re sold on the perfect shade of sunset-red lipstick, order the product right from the app!

7. Think Dirty

For die-hard fans of eco-friendly makeup, shopping can be tough. Combing through lists of unpronounceable ingredients and checking up on the business practices of top makeup brands can turn something that should be fun into a huge chore. Luckily, Think Dirty is here to help! This app lets you scan products and provides you with a health score based on its ingredients.

Check your makeup's health hazards with Think Dirty

8. Mirror

This beauty app is exactly what it sounds like—a mirror. Why bother, you might ask? Well, trust us—it makes a way better mirror than your built-in camera would on its own. Use your fingers to zoom in for those super delicate, detailed makeup applications. It even features a “night mode” that adjusts the lighting to let you use it in the dark. Then, if you’re loving the look, save it as a selfie, and share it on social media.

9. Pretty in My Pocket

Another social beauty app, Pretty in My Pocket (a.k.a. PRIMP) is focused on sharing beauty tips, tricks, product reviews, and makeup looks with other beauty lovers and makeup artists. In addition to letting you shop across brands online, PRIMP is a must-have for makeup artists who love shopping in-stores. Before buying a new product, scan the barcode and scroll through reviews from other users. Plus, save some extra cash with coupons offered through PRIMP based on your location.

10. NailSnaps

This beauty app might be last on our list, but it’s definitely the coolest. If you love nail art but don’t have the patience/time/skill to DIY it (or the cash for regular manicures), you need to download NailSnaps right now. Use this beauty app to upload a picture and create a custom set of nail decals—then get them shipped to you for an effortlessly amazing manicure. Not feeling so creative? Shop other user’s looks to order someone else’s design instead.

NailSnap puts gorgeous nail art well within your reach

Ready to start sharing your own looks on these apps? Check out Amber’s Guide to Awesome Makeup Photography for tips!

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