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My name is Amber, a fellow QC Makeup Academy student and beauty blogger. From creating my blog back in 2014, one thing I have discovered along the way is how important makeup photography is in showcasing your work. Sharing images of the makeup looks you have created through social media can be an amazing way of promoting yourself and showing what you’re capable of!

I’m here to give you some tips on how to get your makeup photography to be the best it can be!


If you take anything from this post, take this! Lighting is the most important factor in getting a good photo. If you want to keep it basic, take a photo in front of a window—the natural daylight is the best and it doesn’t cost a penny! If you want to step it up a gear and want the option of being able to take photos at any time of day, look into getting some studio lights! I use both softboxes and ring lights and love them both. A tip for when purchasing studio lights is to make sure the light intensity is adjustable.


Believe it or not, you don’t actually need the fanciest DLSR camera in the world to take good-quality photos. In fact, you can get a pretty good photo from your phone these days! Although I would recommend considering a DLSR as they are a good investment, a digital camera can do the job well. Something to consider when choosing a camera is whether it has a flip-up screen, as it’s a lot easier to see what you’re taking a photo of! If you’re looking for a camera recommendation, I always use the Canon 700d.

Taking the photos

So your lighting is perfect, your camera is in position… now it’s time to take the photo! The first and most important thing to remember is to make sure you’re in focus—you want people to see all the details you have worked so hard on, after all! Always avoid using flash as this just washes the photo out. Another thing to consider is the framing of your photo; try to only include your neck and face. Your outfit may be pretty but it will just distract people from what you want them to see! Don’t be afraid to play around with the camera setting and see what works best!

Taking photos of makeup products

Sharing photos of makeup products can be a good way of showing potential clients what your favorite tried-and-tested products are and what new products are up-and-coming. A tip to remember when taking photos of products is to present them well—make sure they are clean, as you don’t want to give off the wrong impression!

Try and take photos of makeup in lighting that reflects the truest colors of the products. I find that natural lighting is usually best for this. When taking these photos, get creative—play around with different flat lays and see what looks best! I always like to take product photos on a white surface for a clean-cut feel!


Don’t let a cluttered background ruin a great photo. If the background of your photo is messy it can distract people from the makeup look you’re showing. I would recommend shooting against a blank wall or against anything minimal. Your photos reflect your brand, so keep it looking professional!


One thing that can always come in handy when taking makeup photography is a tripod—this will help with framing and making sure the photo is in focus. A tripod is especially useful when taking photos of yourself, but will also keep the camera steady when taking photos of other people.

Another thing that may be useful when taking photos of yourself is a camera remote so you can take photos without having to press the shutter button on the camera; of course, you can always make use of that self-timer button too!

Share your photos

You’ve taken the time to get the best photos possible, now it’s time to use them! Share them on all your social media accounts and get them out there for people to see! I would recommend setting up an Instagram account or a Facebook page for your makeup photography so people have somewhere to follow. I also like to share my photos on my blog too.

So these are all my tips for upping your makeup photography game! Remember to apply these tips for taking pictures of models for your assignments, too!

Now that your photography skills are on point, get your photos the attention they deserve by creating a portfolio clients will love!

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    Well written and easy to understand this is a must read and a re-read go to for handy tips and tricks to use in the future!


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