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Nothing makes me happier than celebrating the work of a talented artist! And it is that time again where I am able to peer into the Student Showcase and choose some of my favorites to comment on. Every one of us has what it takes to be an exceptional artist!

If you learn and practice often (and I really mean it, practice often on many different people), you will grow at a pace others will call impossible. Below are a few examples of work that deserves a nod!

Allison Savoy

SFX makeup by Allison Savoy

There is an old saying, the devil is in the details, and I think that Allison’s work on these wounds demonstrates that. Now actual wounds of this calibre would be gushing blood, so I think it is safe to say this sort of creation would likely be seen on the table at a morgue in some nail-biting crime show or movie. This is a great sign because it shows that her work has launched my mind into a spiral of imagination. That is the effect great work can have on the viewer.

If we start with the prosthetic application, it is obvious that she has blended the edges to perfection. The line between skin and prosthetic is nearly indistinguishable and that is a big part of what makes it so convincing. Once applied with smooth, bonded edges, working with color becomes imperative to ‘selling’ the effect. In this case, the use of bruising is very uneven, which is exactly what would happen in life.

The one suggestion I would make is to carefully use black. When black is used, depth is taken on by the wound. This allows for the eyes to think they are seeing very deep into the tissue and muscle. If a bit of black was tastefully used on both of these wounds, we would have been transported to a whole new level of realism.

These are deep, gruesome gashes, and they look realistic. The only thing needed to take them that one step further would be that hair of black and perhaps a touch more blood (thin and thick).

Excellent work Allison. You should be very proud.

Melissa Robinson

Makeup by Melissa Robinson

Melissa did a magnificent job on this makeup application. The skin is matched perfect with the ideal shade of foundation. The complexion looks perfect and dewy. There is a fine line between a perfect complexion and a person who looks painted and artificial. In this case, we see a masterful demonstration of the proper use of foundation.

The blush gives a soft, romantic glow, while the soft contour frames the cheeks. Together, they create the perfect showcase for her beautiful facial structure. The soft ombre in the lips gives the feel of a soft pout, which is always sexy and alluring.

Now, the eyes and the brow work are the real heroes of this look. This is a wonderful demonstration of a perfectly balanced dramatic eye. The cat eye is sharp and precise, creating the perfect foundation for the bold swipe of blue sitting on the lid above it. Placing a strong highlight in the center of the eye pulls the focus to the eyes, which most people want. The soft kiss of smoky blue on the lower last line gives balance without pulling the eyes down. The brows are shaped perfectly and naturally. The application is effortless and doesn’t look like makeup! It just looks like she was born with the perfect brow.

The one tip I would offer is this: try pulling the outer tip of the eyebrow down just a hair further. This gives a beautiful, elongated brow that perfectly frames the face and accents the cheekbone. With a soft touch of powder, it will look just like hair.

Spectacular work.

Betsalie Borges Macias

Makeup by Betsalie Borges Macias

This is a beautiful example of a smoky cat eye and a red lip. The makeup artistry here is subtle and precise, giving this dramatic look a feeling of romantic ease.

Let’s begin with the skin. The complexion is dewy and beautiful. The foundation is a perfect match in both tone and formulation. The skin looks perfect! And that is an imperative step to a great makeup application! I would just like to recommend a primer. This will smooth the skin, hiding imperfections and pores, so that the foundation will only enhance. If you did use one, perhaps try a different formulation (one that has an ample amount of silicone). I am not suggesting that the skin is not perfect—it is. I just know this little tip will make it even more perfect—and allow for the use of less foundation.

The lips are spectacular. This is a perfect, flawless lip. The color is slightly overdrawn, adding to the fullness and depth. The color extends all the way to the inner corner of the lips, completing the perfect pout!

The eye makeup is hypnotic. The blending is lovely. The cat eye is perfect. The use of highlight at the inner corner is perfect! The inner corner highlight is one of the most misunderstood and abused makeup techniques. Done improperly, it distracts from the face, forcing the viewer to look at the inner corner of the eye. Done tastefully, as Betsalie demonstrates, it enhances the overall application, subtly drawing attention to the whole eye, not the tear duct!

The only recommendation I have with the eye makeup is to connect the beautiful smoky shade used at the outer corner to the cat eye. There is a tint gap at the other edge and it is attention-grabbing. If it all roots together, the look will be unquestionably flawless.

Brilliant work!

It was hard to choose three this time around because there were so many I loved! If you were not selected, please know it is not an insult to your work! And if you have not submitted to the Student Showcase, please start! How will I ever be able to celebrate you if I cannot see your magic! Great job, ladies! I am super excited to see all of the new submissions in the coming months!

Check out QC’s Student Showcase to see more amazing work from our students—and submit your own!

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