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Staying up-to-date with seasonal hairstyle trends is a key component of being a hairstylist! Whether you’ve made a career out of hairstyling, or your skills are complementary to your makeup artistry expertise, it’s important to stay in the know.

Spring is such a fun season for hairstyles—colours, pixie cuts, and cute braids abound as the warmer weather approaches. Spring 2016 is all about keeping things loose—the less perfect the style looks, the better!

Straight from the runways of fashion weeks, here are 5 hot new hairstyles for spring 2016!

1. Braids, Braids, Braids!

The braid is a classic look that you likely mastered as a little girl (or with some help from Mom!).

This spring, braids are back in varying styles—wear as a crown and pin the braids around your head, or let them hang long and loose around your shoulders.

The secret? Don’t make them perfect! Leave a few pieces out here and there if you’re wearing the braids pinned up, or let them flow nice and loose if you’re wearing them little-girl style on your shoulders.

Ready to get started? Check out this helpful crown-braid tutorial.

Crown braid

2. Naturally Accessorized

Hair accessories are huge this spring! The good news is—you don’t have to style your hair at all in order to add some sparkle or color.

Whether you choose to accessorize with flowers or jewels, leave your hair loose and flowing and simply add the accent above your ear, near the nape of your neck with hair tied slightly back. In the case of a hairband accessory, simply place it at the crown of your hair.

A sweet accessory goes a long way for natural hair!

Spring hair accessory

Messy bun

3. Messy Glossy Bun

With the warmer weather on the way, you won’t want to have too much hair resting on the nape of your neck!

A messy bun is a quick, easy hairstyle to achieve—we recommend adding a bit of shine spray to the finished product to ensure it looks complete, but that’s the only finishing touch you’ll need.

For a great rundown of how to create the look, visit The Small Things Blog.

4. Deeply Parted Low Pony

You can never go wrong with a low ponytail—its placement on the neck is universally flattering, and when done properly it is one of the sleekest, tidiest hairstyles around.

This spring, give your low pony some dimension by creating a deep part to either the right or left (your preference). Use hairspray to hold the look in place. The deep part adds a versatile twist to an ordinary, tidy hairstyle.

If you’re feeling creative, you can even use a curling iron to loosely curl your ponytail, for an extra edge.

Glossy side ponytail

5. Long Pixie with Layers

This spring’s long pixie is not your average short haircut—it has dimensions, layers, and lends itself beautifully to bright colors!

Don’t be afraid to take the pixie plunge— especially this one!

Softly textured side bangs are a flattering look on literally everyone. Long side bangs can even out a round face, or shorten a long face. Not to mention the longer layers of this “short” hairstyle make it feel as though it is more of a bob than a boyish cut.

Now for the fun part—this pixie can be brightened up easily by adding in colorful highlights! If you’re hoping to experiment with a new hair color, what better time than spring to try one out?


Rock light pink, blue, or purple highlights as part of this pixie and you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

Looking to expand your skill set? Knowing all about techniques and current trends in hair styling can make you even more employable as a makeup artist! Learn more about Hair Styling for Makeup Artists here.

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