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Looking for the perfect fall makeup look? QC Makeup Academy’s Student Ambassador, Nichole Carrasquillo, is here with her favorite fall makeup tutorial. Follow along to get this gorgeous look!

Follow these steps to achieve this fall makeup look:


  • To start, prep the face eyes with your favorite primers

Eyes and brows:

  • Apply a light base shade to the eye to assist with blending
  • Add a soft shimmer to the inner corner of the eye
  • Next apply a gold/bronze shade to the lid
  • Apply a dark brown color to the outer edge and blend it up into the crease
  • Use a small fluffy brush to blend everything nicely
  • Add warmth to the crease with a warm tone and highlight the brow bone with a light shade
  • With small strokes to simulate hair, fill and define the brows based on how you or your model prefers
  • Use your favorite mascara and add flasies for added drama!
  • Line the upper lash line using a gel liner
  • Be sure to clean up any fallout using a damp sponge


  • Apply concealer under the eye and correct any red spots or other blemishes
  • Next apply foundation with a stippling brush and blend!
  • Set the undereye concealer with powder to combat creasing
  • Next set the rest of the face with powder
  • Go back in with your eye colors and line the lower lash line, adding mascara
  • For added definition, contour and highlight the face
  • Then, apply a soft blush to the cheeks for warmth


  • Opt for a darker shade of lipstick that screams “fall!”
  • Line and softly fill the lips with lipliner and apply your lipstick with a lip brush

And there you have it! A beautiful fall makeup look to suit anyone and everyone this season. Have fun!

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