Amazing work samples from QC Makeup Academy Students

Great work always deserves to be celebrated, so I have decided to applaud some of my favorite works from the student showcase. There are a TON of amazing looks in there, and lots to be celebrated, but today I will be focusing on three.

Catrina Barquist: “Artistic Makeup

Catrina Barquist Makeup Artist

There is a great deal that deserves mention in the work she has chosen to feature.

To begin with, The Serpent Hand, is just beautiful. The tones in the scales and the depth of the eye give it a surreal beauty. The fine detail work on the soft underbelly is entrancing. This is a perfect example of how precise lines and flawless blending can be used to create depth and magic.

The Pop Art Zombie is unique and wonderful. It is always refreshing when an artist has a point of view and in this work, we see a not gory take on a zombie. It is so unique and fresh. I find it rather inspiring. The amazing brows, the fractured mouth and the expressive lines and designs on the forehead, eyes and neck are spectacular. Brilliant use of color, depth and uniqueness.

The girl to boy transition speaks for itself. The thickened brows look natural and uneven, like a man’s often do. The subtle lines the face, the beard and the careful use of shading changed a beautiful female face into one of a handsome man. Impressive work.

Farah Khalid Farooqui: “Some of My Hard Work

Farah Khalid Farooqui Student Showcase Collage

I am a fan of Farah’s work. Every stroke of the brush is made with precision and choice. The final result is always a thoughtful celebration of color that honors but does not overshadow the woman.

For Princess Jasmine, she has created a look that would make the actress at the Disney parks envious. The lips are perfect. The liner is expertly applied and the slight kiss of blue below the liner is magic! The eye makeup is superb and precise. The eyes are elongated and they pop, just like the animated character. The color choices and use of blending on the lid and crease are spectacular. This is an impressive and very detailed application.

The look with the red wrap is captivating. The black and gold, elongated smokey eye is perfectly applied. The blending on the lid is perfect. The balance between black and gold is perfect. The soft definition of the brows adds an incredible intensity to the look. This is an example of a perfect makeup.

Jhulianna Zayas: “Brown Smokey

Jhulianna Zayas Makeup Artist

The smoky eye is one of the most popular and most diverse looks in makeup, and it is also one of the most improperly done applications. In this brown smoky eye, Jhulianna does spectacular work. The gradation of color is beautiful. The elongated black cat eye that fades into brown adds an amazing lift to the eye. The brows, skin, cheeks and lips are perfect. There may be a lot of ways to do the smoky eye, but there are just as many ways to do them poorly. This is an example of a flawless smoky eye!

Keep submitting your work to the showcase! It is a pleasure to see your growth and I am so proud of each and every one of you.


Would you like to see more outstanding examples of QC Makeup Academy Student Work? Check out the full collection in the Online Student Showcase!

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