Airbrush Makeup Tutorial: Airbrush Stencil Tattoo

QC’s newest course, the Airbrush Makeup Workshop, has launched! Are you as excited as we are?

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the lessons in the course. In this video tutorial, Michele Mulkey and Nathan Johnson teach you how to apply different airbrush makeup tattoos using stencils!

Course Outline

The Airbrush Makeup Workshop consists of three units and over three hours of video tutorial, just like this one!

Topics You’ll Learn

  • The pros and cons of using airbrush makeup
  • How to market your airbrush makeup artistry skills
  • Practicing good safety and etiquette
  • Recognizing and using different types of airbrushing tools
  • Practice techniques for beginners
  • Color matching and applying airbrush foundation
  • Color matching and applying airbrush blush
  • Choosing highlight and shadow colors and contouring
  • Making corrections and adjustments to airbrush makeup
  • Combining all of your skills for a complete airbrush beauty look
  • Making and using stencils
  • Using unconventional materials for special effects
  • Working with bright pigments
  • Creating fantasy character looks
  • Mixing custom colors

This professional makeup workshop will teach you the skills you’ll need to add airbrush makeup to your list of skills and enhance your makeup artistry business!

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  • Davia Gorman says:

    Hello QC MA Team,

    I was wondering if this would be added to the dual pro certification program or an extra. The reason I ask this is I already own 2 airbrushing systems and use them quite frequently and I plan on enrolling in the middle of May.. depending on what’s developing with this newest course. I was also wondering if there were any prior credits that could be gained by already having experience working in the MA field as I have been doing freelance styling, beauty blogging as well as airbrush, bridal and pageant makeup. Either way, I feel confident in my decision in choosing QC as my choice to “officially”become recognized as a professional and I trust the positive advice and referral to your Makeup Academy via several of your alumni who are my social media beauty besties…!

    Thank You
    Davia aka “SimplyDavia”

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi Davia, thank you for your comment 🙂 We’ll look forward to welcoming you to our airbrush course when it launches later this spring! We’re putting the final touches on the course but still unsure of a set launch date. This course will be separate from the others, but with QC, you’re able to sign up for multiple courses at a time and receive significant discounts for doing so. So if you’re interested in taking multiple courses, you can combine them in the shopping cart when you’re ready to enroll. 🙂 The courses are not credit-based, so no credits are awarded upon completion nor are credits from other schools transferable to one of our courses. Upon completion, you would receive a certification. Please do let us know if you have any other questions! In the meantime, we’ll look forward to having you a student here at QC! 🙂

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