Nathan Johnson's Critique: Student Showcase

Have you heard of the QC Makeup Academy Student Showcase? It’s a great gallery that features the work of some of QC’s most talented students!

We asked QC’s Executive Makeup Artist Nathan Johnson to pick a few outstanding entries to the student showcase and critique the artist’s work. Here’s what he had to say!

Artist: Hannah Bennett

“Fashion Photography”

QC Makeup Academy Student Showcase Feature—Hannah Bennett

Great make up is one thing, but when great make up is teamed with great styling, a wonderful model and beautiful photography, we have editorial gold. This is what is demonstrated in Hannah’s work. The makeup is not only clean and precise, it is also very fitting to the overall mood of the final images. She strikes perfect balance, matching glamor with a feeling of the everyday that makes this look work so well on a model who is laying in a field and swimming through a lake.

To make an image great, one must pay attention to much more that just the makeup, Hannah has hit on all of the key elements. This is beautiful, thoughtful work.

Laura Duquette

“Semi-Smoky Eye Glamour”

QC Makeup Academy Student Showcase Feature—Laura Duquette
In her semi-smoky eye glamour look, Laura shows a tremendous amount of technique and talent. In the eyes, we see stunning blending, crisp lines and perfect highlight. The eyes are a focal point without being hard, or harsh. The cheek application gives both a perfect glow and a soft contour. The soft lip is a perfect finish.

Young makeup artists often feel the need to go over the top to show the world how much of an artist they are. But the truth is, restraint, subtly and flawless application always show far more. This makeup application is magnificent. I would like everyone who uses highlight in the inner corner of the eye to take a lesson from Laura. Notice how artfully, softly and precisely it is applied. This opens and brightens the eye. This is brilliantly done.

Shannon Ruiz

“Makeup by Shannon Ruiz”

QC Makeup Academy Student Showcase Feature—Shannon Ruiz

Every time I look at the exposed mechanical woman in this application, my imagination runs wild. For me, Shannon has created a female terminator. One who has taken a beating, but is nowhere near quitting. For a character make to be great, it should tell a story, just as Shannon’s does. This application is a master class in detail.

On the left side of the image, we have a beautiful, perfectly applied smoky eye. The blending is flawless, the highlight is subtle, and the drop shadow is perfectly balanced… it is stunning on its own. When we move to photo left, we see the torn skin, and all the curves of cold metal that make up the cyborg below. There is as much precision in the metal “below the skin” as there is in the smoky eye. The juxtaposition between the beauty and the injury is mesmerizing. I am quite taken by this application. Job well done.

Check out the full range of QC students’ talents in the online Makeup Student Showcase!

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