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A common question I get as a makeup artist is: “What should I pack in my clutch/handbag for touch ups and/or emergencies as a bride?” Usually, as the bride, you can get your bridesmaids to pack some extraneous necessities, but today I am just going to talk about the best things to pack in your own clutch. First things first: don’t over pack. Things you think you may possibly need are considered extras and can be kept with one of the bridesmaids or tucked away in a bag at your venue.

Eyelash Glue and Q-tips

Regardless of whether you had your makeup professionally applied or are applying it yourself, it is always best to bring back-up lash glue. You will probably only need to apply glue to the inner or outer corner of the lash if it has just lifted slightly. In this case, I suggest packing a Q-tip with the glue. This way, you are able to apply the glue onto the Q-tip and strategically apply it along the lash band that has lifted, while the rest of the lash is still attached to the lid. You want to cut off the cotton at one end of the Q-tip, that is the end you will apply the glue to (no-fuzz!) The other end of the q-tip is great to touch up the corners of your eyes.

Lip Product

Whatever lip product you applied the morning of, whether it be a gloss, lipstick, lip stain or lip liner, I always suggest bringing it or one similar along. Personally, my wedding day was so hectic and full of fun that I think I maybe reapplied my lipstick once the whole day! Regardless of how much time you may have to reply, it’s always nice to have it. If you don’t have the exact colour your makeup artist applied, no biggie! Grab one from your stash that’s similar! If lips are a big part of your look, be sure to ask your makeup artist at your trial what shade they have used so you can go grab one of the same!

Tide-to-go Stick

To me, this is everything. I always have a Tide-to-Go stick on hand. It’s a nice thing to have just in case you drip a drop of wine on your dress or brush up against something dirty. These sticks are great for little stains (anything smaller than the palm of your hand). I ended up using mine on my wedding day! I had a minor dress malfunction, so I had someone pin it in place. They pricked their finger and a tiny drop of blood was left, but my Tide-to-Go stick got that stain out in two seconds flat!

Pressed Powder/Blotting Powder

A long day of wearing a heavy dress, smiling, and posing is bound to have you a little sweaty or oily. Since you had flawless makeup applied earlier using long-lasting, high quality products, you  likely only need a pressed powder to blot away any shininess in the T-zone area. I don’t suggest blotting with anything that has too much coverage. A light coverage is fine. The reason for this is you may be blotting without a mirror or multiple times throughout the day. You don’t want the makeup to start to layer up and become cakey. I used MAC Mineralize Skin Finish powder on my wedding day to blot. With just a nice touch of coverage, it was all I needed to keep the shine away and still not look cakey!


Whether you use liquid or pencil, I always suggest packing it. Even though it may be waterproof, you may have smudged some away using a tissue. Also, if you end up using the lash glue touch up, you may need to run a quick stroke of liquid liner over the glue. If you wore a winged liner, I highly suggest bringing the liquid liner as the wings can be quick to go if you are crying. If you have it on-hand you can swipe a quick stroke of liner to touch up any messy areas.

Smart Phone

If you are a picture junkie like me, having your phone on hand is amazing. No texting or calling allowed, but the camera function is necessary! I loved having my phone with me to take a couple pictures from my perspective. I only brought it out a couple times during the day, but when I looked back at my camera roll at the end of the day (before professional photos had been returned) it was so nice to have some memories on-hand. Also, my husband and I, after stepping out of the chapel before anyone else, decided to take a selfie! This was almost two years ago (before selfies had really taken off) but it’s one of my favourite pictures to date as our photographer was there to catch us in the act…

There you have it, bridal handbag must haves! If you are a bride, these are great things to have on hand. As a makeup artist, it’s great to be able to offer these suggestions to your bridal clients!

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