Makeup by Brittany: Clean Edge, Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is going to be a soft golden brown smokey with a super clean cut edge. It’s very easy to achieve and gives a very “pro” feel to your look. Here is a peak at the look…

Preview of Soft Edge Smokey Eye look- Makeup Lessons with Brittany Hall

Follow along with my step by step tutorials below!

Steps 1 to 9 of the Soft Edge Smokey Eye look-  Makeup Lessons with Brittany Hall

    1. As always, start with a clean primed lid. Then apply a champagne, gold shadow. I used Soft and Gentle highlight powder by MAC. Use a flat dense brush and press the shadow into the lid rather than swiping your brush. This will help achieve a more pigmented application.
    2. To create a subtle cut crease, apply a dark brown shadow along your crease. I used Hand Written by MAC. Use a small liner/lip or brow brush—anything small and dense!
    3. Take a blending brush and pick up a little more of the dark brown, soften up your cut crease.
    4. To add a little dimension to the look, and also to help with blending, use a peachy colour to soften up the crease colour into your brown highlight. I used a little bit of Ablaze by MAC. You can also use a pinky hue, anything to soften the brown and add a tiny hint of colour. Pick up the product very sparingly and add more as needed. It’s way easier to add more then take away!
    5. Apply your brow highlight, I used Naked Lunch by MAC.
    6. Take a touch of a matte black shadow on the same small brush as used earlier and deepen up the crease just a bit, blending as you go.
    7. Take a makeup wipe and wrap it around your finger, using the edge of your nail, carve out a clean edge in your shadow. Naturally extending your lower lash line. Then, take a bit of concealer and sharpen up the edge that much more, be sure to get nice and close and soften, so you can’t see any excess product.
    8. Apply your liquid liner using the line you carved out earlier as a guide. Don’t try to create your wing with one motion, use little strokes to achieve that perfect wing.
    9. After applying a white eyeliner to your lower waterline, take a bit of the dark brown shadow you used and soften it along the lower lash line, making it a bit thicker near the center of the lid (right where you iris sits).

Steps 10 to 13 of the Soft Edge Smokey Eye Look-  Makeup Lessons with Brittany Hall

  1. Use that same peachy colour that you used to blend out the crease and the brown highlight and buff it just below the dark brown shadow.
  2. Apply false lashes.
  3. Apply mascara on your lower lashes.
  4. The finished result!

Finished look for Soft Edge Smokey Eye look-  Makeup Lessons with Brittany Hall

Hope you guys enjoyed that tutorial and feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

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