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With the crazy holiday season over and things calming down, itโ€™s normal to feel a bit of those post-holiday blues. But feel blue no more! Spring is fast approaching, so in the meantime get sultry with this super dramatic purple smokey eye! Up above is a peek at the final makeup look.

To create this look yourself, follow along with the steps belowโ€ฆ

Step 1

Start with a clean, primed eyelid. Then use a flat dense brush and apply Yogurt by MAC all over the lid. Be sure to press the product into the lid rather than just brushing it across. We want this lid to be fully pigmented.

Step 2

Draw a line using a small shadow brush to outline your cut crease. I used Carbon by MAC, but any matte black shadow will do.

Step 3

Next up, use the same black shadow and pick it up on a blending brush. Stay very close to the line you just drew and blend out and soften. Then pick up a dark purple shadow. I used Script by MAC. Blend out the crease even further using this shade to create some dimension.

Step 4

Take a pink shadow, I used Sushi Flower by MAC, and use it to soften the dark purple and black into a very nice faded look. Apply a brow highlight to blend it out even further. I used Yogurt again, the same color that was applied to the lid.

Step 5

Apply liquid liner or regular liner, whichever you prefer.

Step 6

Take a soft black liner and smudge it along the water line and into the lower lashes.

Step 7

Take a small eyeshadow brush and pick up the black shadow. Apply it over the soft black liner just applied, softening and smoothing it out as you go. Then pick up the dark purple and blend the black line out to soften the look.

Step 8

Apply mascara and false lashes to finish the look!

I finished off the look with a super nude lip as not to take away from this super smoked-out look. Big hair and accessories go well with thisโ€”create a statement! Perfect for a night out on the town!

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