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Hereโ€™s a question I hear from my clients all the time: โ€œI lead a busy life. Is there a trick that can have me looking great in just a few minutes?โ€ Letโ€™s face itโ€”even the biggest stars do not have a makeup artist living in their house. They love what we do for them, but they want a fast way to feel great on the days we are not there.

Below you will find quick steps for a natural-looking glow that I recommend to all my clients!

Step 1


Immediately after applying moisturizer, work one pump of a liquid foundation into the skin. Use a brush or your fingers to blend it. This little touch will even out the skin in an effortless, natural way. (If you have oily skin, use powder instead.)

Step 2


Using your pinky or a brush, apply a light touch of concealer under the eye. Apply it only where needed. To find that spot, tilt your head forward when you look into the mirror. A half-moon of darkness will leap right out. That is what you conceal. Done properly, this is the step that will give you the well-rested look.

Step 3


Set your foundation and concealer with mica or silica-based setting powder like the ones by Makeup For Ever or Cover FX. These look the most natural and will not change color throughout the day as talc-based ones will. (If you used powder foundation, use this powder only on the concealer.)

Step 4


Apply a dark brown liner to the upper lash line. Use a brush or cotton swab to smudge the color into the lash line for a really natural liner look. This small step makes the eyes pop!

Step 5


It is the features that make this natural face so magical, so we need to make the right areas pop. With a brush, sweep a touch of highlighter across the high point of the cheek bones, along the brow bone, and on the upper lid above the tear duct.

Step 6


A touch of black mascara on the top lashes will make the eyes the focal point.

Step 7


For an effortless glow, add a little outdoorsy color to the face with a peachy-pink blush. When swept over the apples of the cheek, a fluffy brush will leave the perfect amount of color.

Step 8


A sheer, pink gloss adds freshness to the lips and face.

This natural look can be done in 2 to 5 minutes and will have any of your clients ready to face the world when you canโ€™t be there!

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