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QC Makeup Academy hears hundreds of inquirers asking the same question each day, “Will your courses properly ready me for work with M.A.C, or do I need to attend their Mac Makeup School?” And the answer is quite simple—yes!

Becoming a makeup artist anywhere requires you to be passionate and motivated about growing your makeup skills. If you’re willing to put a bit of time and effort into your makeup training, you can land a gig as a pro makeup artist wherever you’d like. The trick is practice, practice, and more practice!

Let’s start by talking about M.A.C’s own makeup artistry training…

While M.A.C does offer individual advanced makeup training courses for professional makeup artists, those courses will not specifically qualify you to work in a M.A.C store or counter. They are mainly geared towards professional makeup artists who simply wish to further their education for personal growth. You should never stop learning as a makeup artist—with new trends and techniques emerging every day, you need to stay competitive in the industry!

makeup application by a professional makeup artist onto a makeup model

Just as well, M.A.C actually does not offer their own makeup artistry certification. However, they do expect potential employees to have obtained a makeup certification from at least one school. To work at M.A.C Cosmetics, you’ll need to prove you have some type of professional and tangible training. And once you receive your makeup artist certificate, you can show this to potential employers along with your portfolio. It will give your credibility as a makeup artist an extra boost!

Now, what about becoming a M.A.C Pro Member?

Working makeup artists can get discounts on M.A.C products with the Pro Membership, provided they meet the requirements set by M.A.C. It’s important to know that the M.A.C PRO membership does not specifically qualify you for a position at a M.A.C store or counter. However, holding a certificate from a professional makeup academy will prepare and equip you with the tools and skills you need to work as a professional in the makeup industry.

Keep in mind that a strong makeup portfolio is always key! You need to show your work and experience level. Before you jump head-first into your job application, the first thing you should do is get in touch with the hiring manager of the M.A.C location you wish to work at—they’ll let you know exactly what they are looking for in a new employee.

Which makeup school can certify me?

With your job research in hand, you can now decide which makeup school is right for you. You’ll need to choose depending on which skills you need to improve or develop. Schools with multiple courses will give you the widest variety of training since they tend to have more makeup tutors as well as more topics to specialize in!

Whether you’re looking for training on the basics of makeup artistry or you’re advancing your current skill set to the next level, find a course that’s suited for your personal development. Courses that cover a wide variety of topics, like the Master Makeup Artistry course, will give you a more refined education on the fundamentals, theory, and advanced techniques that will set you apart.

master makeup artistry course learn how to do makeup professionally

Never underestimate the power of practice—if you want to be the best and land a job at M.A.C, you need to invest some time into your makeup training. Choose a flexible course and apply your looks on anyone who lets you!

Are you passionate about becoming a makeup artist? Find out what you’ll learn and where your makeup certificate can take you in your career!

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  • demetria Moore says:

    Wanted info. On the classes

  • atousanikfar says:

    I want learn beauty make up in mac school please inform me about these cours

  • Leslie says:

    Hi….I would like to have information of where can I take make up clases around my area. I would love to work for Mac….Im located in Bellower C.A, Thank you very much.

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Thank you for your comment and for your interest in QC Makeup Academy, Leslie! We actually only offer online courses that you complete from home and at your own pace. We do not have any courses that are done in person. But I’m happy to tell you a little more about our courses. I’ve emailed you some information, so please check your email inbox. 🙂

  • Christine says:

    I am wanting to collect more information into the academy. I would like to know whether the certification will allow you to be used to get hired at any makeup company. Also is it at our own pace or there is a set time for each session. Thank you.

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi Christine, thank you for your comment!
      I’ll be emailing you shortly with some more information about our academy! 🙂

      • Jaybq says:

        Hi! I would like to know if the certificate that you get after graduation or finished the classes/units, can you use them to get pro cards? And another thing, what if I went with the extended installment plan and I am late in paying the payment or I’m always late at paying them? And how long does it take to finish one program?

        • Mireille Pitre says:

          Hi there! After you graduate and get your makeup artistry business off the ground, you’ll be able to get MAC pro discounts by sending them a copy of your business card or other indication that you are a working professional makeup artist :-).

          When you choose an extended installment plan you commit to making timely payments. As an added convenience, you can choose the day of the week/month that your payments are withdrawn from your bank account, so you can make sure to align that date with the day you usually get paid. We do understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you might miss a payment, and if that happens we’ll ask you to replace the missed payment as soon as possible. However if someone is constantly late in their payments, then their student account would be “frozen” until they are able to catch up on their payments.

          I hope this helps! Feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] if you have any more questions about payment plans 🙂

          • Francis. Wilson says:

            Mac does not take your certificate, I have tired to get a pro card as a student and it was declined.

          • Mireille Pitre says:

            Hi Francis!

            QC is a MAC PRO Student Program approved school in North America so as a student they’ll accept proof of enrollment with QC to get your MAC discounts. Once you’ve graduated and are a working makeup artist, you’ll need to provide them proof that you are a working professional. These can include things like your business card, website, etc. See the MAC website for a full list of documentation 😉

  • gökçe says:

    i would like to work for mac , i adore. i m from turkiye . i m intersted in pro make up. im talented i think. thank u.

  • Sabina Dipner says:

    Hi. MY name is Sabina. I am from Kazakhstan. I really want to take make-up courses with MAC in the usa. It doesnt matter what city it will be. If u could inform me, I would br very thankful.

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi there Sabina, thank you for your comment! We do not offer MAC courses, so if you’re interested in attending a MAC course in the USA then the best people to contact would be MAC directly. We offer our courses via distance education, so you would be completing the course from home, at your own pace, and online. So you would not be required to travel anywhere. 🙂

  • sara says:

    i am trying to learn for makeup artist and get certification .. please shell me

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi there Sara, thank you for your comment! We’d love to help you with your goals of becoming a makeup artist and receiving certification. Please feel welcome to contact our Support Team at [email protected] for more information or to ask any questions you may have about our school and courses. 🙂

  • Katie Piburn says:

    If taking classes online here will this certificate be accepted by MAC? Also, I would like to know if other makeup companies will accept this certificate? I live in Missouri and I would like more information on the courses and where the certificate will be accepted!

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi there Katie, thank you for your comment! If you are looking to work at a makeup counter, like MAC for example, the very first thing you should do is get in touch with the Human Resources Director at your local store to find out exactly what they’re looking for in their potential employees. A lot of cosmetic brands have an extensive hiring process where you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your skills. Taking a course will QC Makeup Academy will not only look great on a resume, especially compared to another candidate without any training or experience, but will help you with your makeup abilities that are so important to your employer. We’ve heard from quite a few graduates landing such jobs at places like Sephora and MAC. I think you may find this blog article helpful if you’re wanting to work for a top cosmetic brands one day.

      If you’re not looking to seek employment with a cosmetic brands, but referring to the discounts that many brands provide to makeup students and working makeup artists, MAC does not accept our school for their student discount (as they have specific curriculum requirements like hair, photography, and more), but that shouldn’t stop you from applying for the MAC Pro membership when you are a working makeup artist. However, there are many other brands that do accept our students, which you can review here. Of course you are not limited to this list, as most cosmetic brands to offer some sort of savings but we’re just not currently officially affiliated with them.

      I hope this helps! If you would like to speak with a Student Support Specialist to get even more information about our school, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-267-1829 🙂

  • diya says:

    I want to be a make up artist,bt I m a bit confuse dat frm where I wil get my training & proper certificate?
    After getting a training can I apply fr a job as a professional makeup artist?
    &, I m frm west bengal, india, so want to know d proper place to get dis training frm here in india…

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi Diya, thanks for commenting! All of our courses are completed via distance-education, so you’ll be working from home, at your own pace, and submitting assignments online. So you won’t have to travel anywhere to obtain this makeup training and certification – which will look great on a resume when applying for jobs! 🙂

  • diya says:

    Also want to know abt d courses,its fee…& abt d online courses of mac…. bt wil b there any certificate aftr obtaining d online courses?

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      We have a variety of different courses and they are all priced individually. You can review complete pricing information for all of our courses here. I also just want to be clear that we do not provide MAC makeup courses – we have our own unique training not associated with MAC. Upon completion of one of our courses you will receive a certificate. For example, if you were to complete our Master Makeup Artistry course, you would receive the certification of MIMP – Master International Makeup Professional.
      Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Ghaz says:

    Hey, would you be able to email me about whether the certification will allow me to to get hired at any makeup company, also is there a age limit you must be to enrol, and do we need any qualifications?

  • Sarah cook says:

    Hi, I would like info on the makeup classes please! Thank you sarah

    • Mireille Pitre says:

      Hi Sarah!

      You can find tons of information about QC Makeup Academy’s online classes in our free online brochure, which you can download here! If you have any questions not answered in the brochure, or if you’d like to speak to a support specialist at any time, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you 🙂

  • Nicole says:

    Hello, after completing the course, I will be able to apply to jobs as a professional make-up artist? I would appreciate more info. Thanks.

    • Mireille Pitre says:

      Hi Nicole!

      The courses offered by QC teach you the skills you need to work as a professional makeup artist. Many QC graduates go on to either open their own business OR work at cosmetics counters, in salons, etc. The only caution I have for you, is to check your local regulations before anything else. In some areas, makeup artists are required to have an aesthetician license in order to work in the field, which requires a different type of training.

      Hope this helps! Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any more questions 🙂

  • Kristin britain says:

    Hi, looking for a makeup school to go to and like some information please and thank you.

    • Mireille Pitre says:

      Hi Kristin!

      I’d suggest you download QC’s Free Brochure for more information on the school, courses, tutors, etc. If you’re interested in QC but aren’t sure which course(s) to take, you can also check out this handy course decision guide that will help you choose the right course(s) for you based on your career goals 🙂

      Hope this helps!

  • Taylor says:

    Hello! I was wondering if I could get some more information regarding this academy! Thanks!

  • balancing val says:

    hi! I’m wondering how much time on average it takes to complete the course. I would like to get my freelance business started as quickly as possible.

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi Val, thanks for your comment! You’ll be working at your own pace, so you ultimately get to decide how long the course takes for you. However, we typically see students complete their course in about 3 months.

  • Prachi Tyagi says:

    Hi, I want info about 1 year diploma and certification courses and fee structure…… I m located in mumbai….

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi Prachi, thanks for your comment! I’m sorry to say that we unfortunately do not offer our courses to your location. We hope you will find the right school for you. 🙂

  • salma says:

    Hi I was wondering if you could tell me more about makeup courses, thank you!

  • Addii says:

    I live in noida, India. I want to do masters in makeup nd fashion styling. Can u Plzz send me all details of course nd procedure of applying and how it works. Kindly mail me

  • Aimee says:

    If I just want to learn to build skills for myself and not practicing MUA. Can I turn in assignments fine on myself as opposed to a model?

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi Aimee, thanks for your comment! If you want to take the course for personal reasons rather than for career goals, you can absolutely use yourself as the model for assignments. 🙂

  • Aisha says:

    I want learn beauty make up in mac school please inform me about these cours

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi Aisha, thanks for your comment! We, QC Makeup Academy, offer several online makeup courses to help you become a professional makeup artist 🙂 You can see the selection of our courses here.

  • Damarys Garcia says:

    I am about to register to VIZIO Makeup Academy but I would like to get some information about QA Makeup Academy and I would like to know the differences between these two online academies. Please let me know ASAP
    Thank you,
    Damarys Garcia

    • Ana Scholtes says:

      Hi Damarys, thanks for your comment! I’ve just sent you an email with some information. 🙂

  • Chelsea Miller says:

    I would also like information on makeup artistry. Please.

  • Njeri says:

    I love MAC!

  • Dawn says:

    Hello! Please email me as well about the courses you offer. thanks!

    • Alicia Haniford says:

      Hi Dawn,

      We’ve sent you an email with some info on our courses. Look out for it in your inbox! 🙂



  • Jessica Mcdaniel says:

    Could I get info as well

    Thanks Jessica

  • Maria says:

    I would also like information on makeup artistry

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