So you’ve just graduated from QC Makeup Academy and are now faced with the challenge of entering the professional world of makeup artistry. You’ve spent time learning and honing your craft, and now it’s time to get out there and make a name for yourself! Check Your Attitude The makeup industry is full of competitive […]
Makeup artistry is an exciting, challenging, and incredibly rewarding career choice. While many set forth to become makeup artists, we regularly receive questions asking what it is exactly a makeup artist does, and what sort of working conditions she or he will have. In this post, we’re happy to share with you one version of […]
When you’re just starting out, the pay can be unpredictable, and the world of makeup artistry is no different. It can be difficult to secure regular work – and get a paycheck for it! So what can you expect from a makeup artist salary? The answer is – it depends. Here are a few factors […]