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Your bonus kit includes four show-stopping makeup products, including false lashes, an eyelash curler and applicator, and a 4-piece brush set. These products are the perfect add-ons to your professional makeup kit.

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Makeup Bag: A faux leather makeup bag perfect for the traveling artist. With a waterproof lining and brush loops, this bag will keep your makeup organized and safe during transport.

4-Shade Highlight Palette: This highlight palette is a mix of cool and warm-toned shades in shimmer finishes. This palette is a perfect add-on to your professional makeup kit.

5-Shade Eyebrow Palette: Create some fierce brows with this 5-shade palette that can also double up as the perfect smokey eye kit.

9-Shade Contour Palette: This contour palette is filled with fair to deep shades, so that you can enhance your clients’ features, no matter what color their skin tone is.

Professional Lashes: A pair of beautiful faux lashes, perfect for a variety of day- and night-time looks.

Pro Palette and Spatula: This stainless steel makeup palette and spatula allows you to mix your palettes and create unique colors and tones. Includes a thumb hole for easy gripping.

Only while supplies last. Items in the kit are subject to change based on availability

Courses & Tuition

Choose from a variety of courses, unmatched by any other makeup school!

50% Discount Has Already Been Applied to Prices

Skincare Course

Become a Professional Skincare Consultant and add a huge revenue stream to your booming makeup business!

or /mo

Pro Makeup Workshop

Take your skills to the next level with this advanced workshop. Learn the makeup techniques Nathan Johnson uses on celebrity clients.

or /mo

Special FX Makeup

Learn to be a special effects makeup artist. Create ghoulish creatures, age characters, simulate wounds and much more!

 SFX Makeup Kit Included

or /mo

Airbrush Makeup Workshop

Learn airbrush makeup. Find out how to apply foundation and blush, learn corrective makeup, stenciling techniques, and create fantasy characters!

  Airbrush Kit Included

or /mo

Global Beauty Workshop

In this advanced makeup workshop, you’ll develop an expertise for makeup applications from all over the globe. A must for any serious artist!

Makeup Kit Included

or /mo

Hair Styling Essentials

Learn how to do blow-outs, updos, period looks, and more. Combine hair styling with your makeup course and round out your beauty training!

Hair Styling Wand Included

or /mo

Fashion Styling

Makeup clients can also be fashion styling clients! Expand your business by becoming a professional fashion stylist.

or /mo

Portfolio Development Workshop

A professional-quality portfolio is a must for serious makeup artists looking to advance in the industry. Work with Celebrity MUA Nathan Johnson to create yours!

or /mo

Master Makeup Artistry

Learn essential makeup techniques like blending and corrective makeup. Then move on to advanced techniques including bridal, editorial, and special fx makeup.

Makeup Kit Included

or /mo

Virtual Makeup Training

Taking your skills online is a great way to expand your business! You have to become an educator yourself to ensure clients understand your directions.

or /mo

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