Paula Alleyne

Student Ambassador

I wanted to become a professional makeup artist as I am a creative person and expressing creativity through make up artistry is my passion. As a child, I remember being intrigued by makeup brochures showing you how to apply blush and lipstick to the face. I also remember applying makeup on my neighbor as I knew she was gorgeous, and I wanted to enhance her natural beauty and I knew it would build her self-esteem. It felt great being able to serve her in that capacity.

What makes QC Makeup Academy unique to me is its online presence. I spent several months researching makeup institutions. QC Makeup Academy provided me with great insight into their courses and reassured me of their commitment to providing quality education.

My experience has been great with QC. The feedback that I received from my tutor was detailed, critical, and encouraging. The student support team from the Academy was excellent and I always felt confident that the team would try to assist with any of my queries.

QC Makeup Academy has provided me with classical training in makeup artistry. Training is not based on social media trends, but rather you’re equipped to understand the techniquesΒ of makeup application and as a professional, you can use this knowledge to create any desired look.Β 


Here are the courses Paula is taking with QC!

Master Makeup Artistry

Graduate 2020