Ozella McClendon

Student Ambassador

My mother was my inspiration to become a makeup artist. As a little girl, I watched her apply makeup every Sunday for church. It was amazing to see her create new and exciting looks for every occasion. She took the time to explain and show me how to apply eyeshadow and lip stick. She passed away when I was a teenager and for many years, I looked for ways to heal; to deal with the loss of my mother.

Then one day, I was putting on some eyeshadow on my way to church. As I was putting the brush to my eyes, I remembered sitting on the edge of the bathtub and watching my mother apply her own makeup. I knew from that moment that the connection I was looking for had already been with me for many years: it was my love for makeup and my mother. So, I chose to become a makeup artist as a way of connecting my love for makeup and honoring her memory.

QC Makeup Academy has an amazing program. Since Iā€™m a full-time Preschool teacher, I work throughout the week. QCā€™s online environment allowed me the opportunity to complete each unit at my own pace. One of the greatest things about my course was that I was given positive feedback and information after each unit, to help me to improve my skills. I also loved the fact that my tutor, Nathan Johnson, would address me by name. This made me feel like I was an important part of the QC community.

QC Makeup Academy has assisted me greatly with my makeup career. I was able to gain so much knowledge! My training has 100% contributed to my confidence in pursuing my career as a Master Makeup Artist!


Here are the courses Ozella is taking with QC!

Master Makeup Artistry

Graduate 2018