Jordan Garcia

Student Ambassador

I’ve always had a fascination with makeup ever since I was young. It started when I used to watch my mother do her own makeup routine. When she would finish her routine, she would radiate with such beauty, power, and confidence. As a professional makeup artist, I want to provide the same experience for the people that I work with.

QC Makeup Academy is unique for so many reasons. There is a personal touch when it comes to connecting with other students, alumni and instructors. You can connect through the student forum, Facebook group the QC Makeup Academy blogs, and the QC Makeup Academy Instagram account. So, while you’re not sitting in class with other students and an instructor, it’s easy to get in touch with someone. Not only that, but the instructors are HIGHLY qualified makeup artists. These artists have worked in every aspect of the industry, from fashion to freelance work. Whenever I finish a unit, I get a very long and detailed audio critique from the instructor going over my grade.

I have had a wonderful educational experience. I feel that I am learning very important skills working as a makeup artist that goes beyond makeup application.

My career goal as a makeup artist is to build myself up to be a subject matter expert in all things makeup related. I want to work in as many facets of the makeup industry as I can while continuing to learn and grow as an artist. It wasn’t until recent years that I felt like becoming a professional makeup artist could be a reality. I believe that I can get there by developing my skills through this course.


Here are the courses Jordan is taking with QC!

Master Makeup Artistry

Currently Enrolled

Pro Makeup Workshop

Currently Enrolled