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What is an In-House Brand Makeup Artist?

Working as a makeup artist for a large makeup brand like MAC or Sephora, you’ll be on the front lines helping customers of those brands choose the right products for their needs.

You’ll give customers makeovers while explaining your techniques and chosen products so they’re able to recreate your work on their own. As an in-house makeup artist, you’ll have to be versed in more than makeup artistry. You’ll also have to have a knack for sales. For the right person, this is an amazing opportunity for a lifelong career!

How to Become an In-House Brand Makeup Artist

Get Educated

Brands will be wary of hiring anyone who doesn’t have a basic education in makeup artistry. While they’ll educate you themselves when it comes to their products, they’ll want to know you have a fundamental understanding of techniques, safety, hygiene, and more. A certification from a reputable makeup school is a great place to start!

Build Your Skills

A makeup brand wants to hire experienced makeup artists. You’ll find it easier to get hired if you can demonstrate experience doing makeup on other people. Build a small portfolio of simple daytime and evening looks, along with some glamour looks. These can all be done on friends and family!

Apply & Interview

You’ll want to keep an eye out on local job boards, websites, and on the brand websites in particular for posted jobs. You’ll want to craft a good resume and cover letter, and follow these important tips for nailing the interview!

Get Hired!

Start your career as an in-house makeup artist for your favorite brand.

What Course Should You Take?

If you want to start a career as a makeup counter artist for a top brand, start here!

Master Makeup

Enter the makeup industry with confidence and skills thanks to a well-rounded education. You’ll learn the foundations of what makes a great makeup look, then dive into more complex techniques to enhance your abilities as an MUA.

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Makeup Kit Included

Set Yourself Apart!

Upgrade your makeup artistry training with these additional courses, and help yourself become a more outstanding candidate!

Never underestimate the value of extra certifications! And remember! As a QC student, you receive a 50% discount on all additional courses!

Pro Makeup

Take your skills to the next level with this advanced workshop. Learn the makeup techniques Nathan Johnson uses on celebrity clients.

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Eye Shadow Palette Included


In this advanced makeup workshop, you’ll develop an expertise for makeup applications from all over the globe. A must for any serious artist!

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Portfolio Development Workshop

In this advanced makeup workshop, you’ll develop an expertise for makeup applications from all over the globe. A must for any serious artist!

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