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What is Makeup for High Fashion?

The fashion industry goes hand in hand with makeup artistry. Every photo shoot, every fashion show, needs a lead makeup artist to bring a vision to life, and a team of makeup professionals to carry out that vision.

Working in the high fashion industry is an exciting opportunity for makeup artists who enjoy going beyond the traditional smokey eye and really using their skills to create bold makeup looks that complements the overall project’s vision.

There are a number of different jobs available in this industry. From makeup for editorial photo shoots to design for fashion shows or even the red carpet, you’ll never be bored!

How to Become a High Fashion Makeup Artist

Get educated

You’ll want to have a credible certification in makeup artistry at the very least in order to work in the fashion industry. Additional certifications in specialized makeup fields will be your friend here, too!

Build your portfolio

In order to be taken seriously in the high fashion industry, you’ll need a professionally crafted portfolio filled with inspiring and artistic photographs of your most creative work. Start thinking about your portfolio early on in your career!

Get your foot in the door

You’ll start off in the high fashion industry probably as an assistant or supporting makeup artist for a few projects until you’ve proven that you’re a reliable and skillful professional.

Start getting clients!

You’ll likely start out slow, and that’s ok. Everyone does! But as your reputation grows

What Course Should You Take?

If you want to start a makeup career in the fashion industry, start here.

Master Makeup

Enter the makeup industry with confidence and skills thanks to a well-rounded education. You’ll learn the foundations of what makes a great makeup look, then dive into more complex techniques to enhance your abilities as an MUA.

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Makeup Kit Included

Set Yourself Apart!

Upgrade your fashion makeup artistry training with these additional courses, and help yourself stand out from the competition.

Never underestimate the value of extra certifications! And remember! As a QC student, you receive a 50% discount on all additional courses!

Pro Makeup

Take your skills to the next level with this advanced workshop. Learn the makeup techniques Nathan Johnson uses on celebrity clients.

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Eye Shadow Palette Included

Portfolio Development Workshop

In this advanced makeup workshop, you’ll develop an expertise for makeup applications from all over the globe. A must for any serious artist!

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Makeup clients can also be fashion styling clients! Expand your business by becoming a professional fashion stylist.

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