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Devyn Gregorio is a QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador. You can find her on her YouTube Channel, Gregorio Girls Makeup, where she makes beauty videos with her sister. 

Festival season has arrived! To prepare you to look your best, Devyn is back with a makeup tutorial! Watch the tutorial below to see how to create your go-to festival dreams makeup look this summer!

Let’s recap!

As Devyn mentioned, this look pretty much speaks for itself. You can never go wrong with glitter, rhinestones, and dramatic falsies! She was inspired by a glittery makeup look she found on Pinterest. But it’s not your typical glitter eye look—in fact, it’s more like a glitter explosion! She’s a big fan of the carefree, messiness of this look!

To find out how she created the look, keep reading!

Step 1: Apply a glitter adhesive to your eyelid

When working with glitter, it’s a good idea to purchase cosmetic-grade glitter glue. It’ll keep your glitter in place all day!

Devyn’s using the Too Faced Glitter Glue to prime her lids using a small shadow brush from the QC Makeup Academy brush set. She concentrates the glitter glue on the lid along the lashline.

Pro Tip: Work fairly quickly with the glitter glue so it doesn’t set before applying the glitter! Devyn prefers to apply the glitter glue one eye at a time to avoid this issue!

Step 2: Apply your glitter atop the glitter glue

Using the Kathleen Lights x Colour Pop loose pigment in The Crab, Devyn applies the glitter over the adhesive using her Morphe M124 brush. Remember, you don’t want to brush the glitter back and forth. Slowly pat the glitter on top of the glue. Continue packing until opaque.

Pro Tip: If you’ve gone ahead and done your face makeup, loosely apply translucent setting under your eyes to catch glitter fallout!

Step 3: Apply regular eyeshadow primer to the lid-space above the glitter

Next up, Devyn applies the Too Faced Shadow Insurance from right above the glitter to the brow bone. She switched from using glitter glue to a regular shadow primer as the shadow primer is less tacky.

For her look, she wants the highest concentration of glitter to be at the lash line. Using glitter glue at the lash line will make her eyes pop! For the rest of the lid, the regular primer will work just fine. It still adheres glitter to the lid but holds less of the product. The result is a slight gradient.

Step 4: Apply glitter atop the rest of the primed lid

Taking the residual glitter from the M124 brush, slowly start to pat on the glitter, gradually fading the pigment up the lid. Devyn doesn’t recommend re-dipping the brush back into the jar as the residual pigment will allow you to control the amount of product you put on your lid. You can then evaluate how it looks, and see how much to add afterward.

Referring to her professional makeup training, she mentions that you can always build on your application if you start with too little. But you can’t take away if you use too much product to start!

Step 5: Use your finger to faintly apply glitter at the brow bone

Devyn uses her ring finger (the most delicate finger) to blend the glitter up and away from the lid. This step ensures the look doesn’t have any harsh lines. The goal is to have the glitter look “blown out”.

Step 6: Add additional glitter in a different pigment to add dimension

Next, she picks up the QC makeup brush that applied the glitter glue from earlier. There should still residual primer on the brush—this is a good thing as it’ll help grab the glitter. Taking the Makeup Geek Sparkler in Aurora, she blends the line between the glitter-glued-glitter and the shadow-primer-glitter before building upwards toward the brow bone.

Step 7: Add additional glitter glue to prepare for larger glitters

Devyn felt like her look needed some extra oomph. So, she took additional glitter glue and tapped it over the lid. Don’t worry if you’re applying it over glitter—it’ll just make your lids more opaque!

Step 8: Apply chunkier purple glitter using the ring finger

Tap the chunky glitter atop the glitter glue you just applied. The purple glitter pot used in this video came with the rhinestones Devyn bought. You can use whatever purple glitters you have on hand! You can also take some time to reapply glitters as needed to achieve opacity.

Step 9: Highlight your brow bone and inner corner

The next product she uses is the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Distortion. But she isn’t using it for liner! Instead, she paints it underneath the brow bone and in her inner corners as her brow highlight. She then uses her ring finger to apply NYX Face & Body Glitter in Ice overtop the glitter eyeliner. The inner corner can be quite a small space, so use a brush to apply Ice!

Step 10: Line your eyes

Before applying her false lashes, Devyn takes the Morphe Felt-Top Liquid Liner to define the eyes. She comments that liner could be a bit difficult to use because of the layers of glitter. You can decide if you want to do this step or skip straight to applying the false eyelashes.

Step 11: Apply your false eyelashes

Devyn’s favorite drugstore lashes are the Ardell Double Up 207 Black. You could also use any number of lashes – from natural to dramatic, depending on the final look you wish to achieve. She also applies mascara on her bottom lashes off camera.

Devyn doesn’t show how she applies her false lashes in this tutorial. Thankfully, we already have a guide to applying false eyelashes like a pro! Check out the guide if you struggle with applying falsies!

Step 12: Set your makeup

Set your makeup with a setting spray. Devyn uses the e.l.f. Dewy Setting Mist.

Step 13: Add highlight

Before the setting spray dries, start highlighting your face! Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit, Devyn takes Blue Ice and Pink Heart to start. She highlights her cheekbones, working the product back into the hairline. She found the highlight a bit too powdery, so she sprayed her brush with more setting mist to achieve a dewy glow.

Step 14: Add your rhinestones

Devyn applies the gems on her forehead in the same orientation as shown in the product packaging. you can find similar rhinestones here! If you’re going to wear this out to a festival, she advises you to apply additional adhesive to the back of the gems. The last thing you’d want is to sweat off the gems within the first couple hours of the festival! You could use lash glue—be sure to do a spot test beforehand in case your skin’s sensitive to the glue!

Step 15: Finish the face with a nude lip color

Using the NYX Slide On Lip Pencil in Sugar Glass, Devyn lines her lips. She then applies Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs Lip Color in Nude Lust over the liner to achieve the perfect nude. You could also top the entire look off with additional glitter or gloss, but that’s optional. She uses the Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick in Unicorn Tears to add some extra oomph!

Step 16: Apply body glitter (optional)

This step is optional if you just want to stick to face makeup. Taking a setting spray, Devyn sprays her décollete with the mist and blends some of it out with her makeup sponge. Going back to the Moon Child palette, she takes Purple Horseshoe and applies it with a fluffy brush over her collarbone. She then sets the makeup again with setting spray before shaking some more NYX Ice glitter over the area.

Ta-da, and you’re done! Would you recreate this look? Let us know in a comment!

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