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Skin is the largest organ in the body. It endures a lot of testing day in and day out against your local weather conditions, diet, and skin care routine. During pregnancy, your body goes through many hormonal changes that can affect the way your skin looks, feels, and even grows.

However, it’s not just your skin that you have to think about now that you have a baby. Babies have very sensitive skin compared to adults. It’s imperative to establish a decent skin care routine from day one so that neither mom nor baby suffer.

Here are some fabulous skin care tips so that you can both have healthy, glowing, and strong skin.

clay mask on mom with her baby touching her face

Skincare conditions for mothers

During pregnancy, your skin endured rapid stretching and then sudden rapid shrinking. This can leave your stomach looking, and feeling, very out of shape. Not only that, it can leave you feeling self-conscious about the way your body now looks. While this is totally normal and you should embrace all of the changes that motherhood brings into your life, it’s understandable if you want to regain confidence in your body.

Remember that during pregnancy, your baby absorbs nutrients from your body to help them grow and flourish. So this does mean that your body (especially your skin) will now be paying the price. Have you noticed that your skin is dry, cracked, and even prone to breakouts? Your hormones have contributed toward some of this, but don’t worry, it’s not permanent!

As you may have already guessed, the health of your skin starts from what you’re putting into your body. Since your body has lost so many nutrients bringing your bundle of joy into the world, it’s sometimes recommended to try multivitamins to bring your body back up to speed. These are especially useful if you’re choosing to breastfeed!

You may want to consider approaching a skincare consultant. Certified skincare consultants are trained in working directly with clients to develop a skincare routine that works for them. You’ll undergo a skincare assessment where they’ll identify any underlying skin issues. They’ll then recommend products with active ingredients that directly address your skin’s needs! You’ll walk away with a routine that works.

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Skincare conditions for babies

Babies don’t need to use harsh chemicals to cleanse their skin as they don’t sweat at such a young age. This means that any dirt they do build up on them can be washed off with gentle soap baths or simply water, if you wish.

Your baby may suffer with a condition called cradle cap at some point or another. This condition often panics new mothers because they think they’re doing something that might be causing skin problems for their babies. Remember that cradle cap is very common, and it’s not caused by any products that you’re using!

There isn’t a conclusive reason why this condition appears on infants. Many hypothesize that it’s a baby’s way of adjusting itself to being outside the womb! If you’re worried about cradle cap, though, it’s always best to speak to your family doctor for further information.

Skincare tips for mothers and their babies

mom and her newborn baby happy and healthy

As a new mom, it’s likely that you and your baby are going to spend plenty of time enjoying some skin-to-skin contact. There are some incredible ways of achieving this without damaging either of your skin.

  • Having baby in a tepid bath with you for some quality skin to skin contact is an incredible idea. Adding a bath emollient such as E45 bath emollient will help lock in moisture to both of your skin without the need for harsh chemicals or perfumes. Just be wary that your bathtub will become very slippery!
  • Using the same products as your baby to moisturize your skin will help your baby recognize your scent and help with the bonding process. Plus, products that are designed for babies are unlikely to irritate even those with a sensitive skin type.
  • While your baby will be drinking milk to begin with, introducing water into his or her system when they are old enough will help flush out any toxins. Thus, it keeps their skin and general health in better condition. The same goes for you. Drinking plenty of water will help keep your skin clearer, softer, and also help it regain its elasticity. Your body will likely bounce back into shape faster!

Maintaining a good skin care routine for both yourself and your little bundle of joy is now easier than ever. And finally, congratulations on becoming a mother!

Got any other skincare tips for first-time mothers and their newborns? Leave a comment!

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