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Winter can become dull and dreary…but your skin doesn’t have to be! Don’t let the cold season drag down your natural glow. Follow these steps for healthy, beautiful skin all winter long!

Life can get in the way of your beauty routine sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the time to pamper your skin! Take care of yourself and keep in mind that everything you do, from your eating habits, to sleeping patterns, to touching your face, will have an effect on the state of your skin. And on those other days, we’ll just have to rely on our favorite beauty products to help us out.

But if your beauty routine needs a revamp, you can keep your beautiful glow using these simple skin secrets!

Step 1: A Healthy Diet

Glowing skin in winter with a healthy diet for clear skin

Just like our mother’s always said, eat your fruits and veggies! And we mean every day. You’ll notice that after a few weeks of staying true to this practice, your skin will glow in a completely new way!

Incorporate fruit and vegetables into every meal, and try to munch on them instead of grabbing a sugary snack (and yes, granola bars are sugary snacks). If you can fill 1/3 of each meal with fruit or veggies, you’ll have enough servings to get you through the day! A healthy diet full of vitamins and nutrients keeps you healthy from the inside out. Pay attention to what you put into your body –if you’re eating healthy your skin will show it!

Step 2: Exfoliate

Especially during the winter months, you need to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells. Dead skin clogs your pores and makes the surface look dull. Do this a few times a week to keep your skin radiant!

Use a gentle exfoliator to avoid irritating your skin. There are plenty of DIY options that people swear by which are easier on your wallet. This recipe of lemon, honey, and sugar is fantastic for the whole body; lemon brightens, honey moisturizes, and sugar exfoliates! IF you find raw sugar too harsh for your skin, use soft brown sugar as an alternative.

Step 3: Moisturize

SO important for achieving and maintaining glowing skin! In cold seasons, our skin can become rough out due to low humidity and a dry climate. Combat dry, flaky skin with a quality moisturizer.

Moisturize after getting out of the shower to give your skin hydration and avoid excess oil build-up. Don’t forget about your body as well as your face! Light formulas will give your skin moisture without making it feel greasy.

For extra dry skin, try using coconut oil to moisturize. From personal experience, this is the best moisturizer a girl could ask for! It’s natural, it smells delicious, and the oil absorbs right into your skin with a little massaging. Coconut oil can be used for the face (at nighttime), but test a small patch of your skin before doing a full face. You’ll want to see how your skin reacts to the oil before slathering it all over!

Step 4: Face Masks

Lush face masks for clear and glowing skin in the winter

Kick up your beauty routine by indulging in a weekly face mask. They nourish your skin from the outside and bring out your natural glow!

Lush has a line of face masks that are raved about by millions. The Don’t Look at Me face mask works wonders to brighten up your skin, or scrub up with Love Lettuce designed to help dull and flaky skin types. For acne-prone skin or to prevent a breakout, try Cosmetic Warrior to keep your skin in check.

DIY face masks are always trending too. Concoct your own by blending essential oils, like tea tree or lavender, with honey, oatmeal, coffee, fruit, or any safe and natural ingredients that are known for their skin-saving potential!

Step 5: Hydrate

Water is your new best friend when it comes to getting a healthy glow. Be sure to hydrate yourself throughout the day! Water clears out toxins from your body and hydrates all of your organs (remember, your skin is an organ!). You can moisturize all you want, but when you’re not properly hydrated it will show through your skin. Water keeps your skin plump and supple, so keep a water bottle nearby!

If you don’t enjoy drinking bland water, try infusing it with fruit or cucumber. Infusing gives your skin extra vitamins and tastes great, too! Or opt for herbal teas, like green tea which is known for its antioxidants.

Step 6: Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep importance for skin care

Never underestimate the power of a good nights’ sleep—it’s the most important step in prepping your skin! No matter how many products or nutrients you put into your body, your sleeping patterns will have a massive impact on your skin. From bags to tired and dull looking skin, lack of rest is a big no-no. Especially in the winter, your skin needs to be ready to face the cold! Make sure you’re getting enough rest so your skin has time to regenerate.

Step 7: Remove Makeup

To keep your skin healthy and glowing, you need to break your bad habit of leaving makeup on overnight. Not only does it clog your pores, it speeds up wrinkles and aging.

Get yourself some makeup remover, or even facial wipes for those lazy evenings. Wash your face with a quality cleanser which will clean out all the dirt from your skin without being too harsh. Be sure to wash your face morning and night to prevent clogged pores and blemishes!

Step 8: Highlight

For the days when winter seems to have your skin beat, just add highlighter! Highlight over foundation or wear it alone to give your skin a boost of radiance. Another faux glow option: luminizer. Adding a few drops of luminizer to your moisturizer or foundation will brighten up your skin and make you glow all year long!

Skincare for winter to keeping skin glowing

A combination of these steps will keep your skin soft and supple. By taking good care of your skin, you’ll find confidence in yourself and look great no matter the season!

Does your skin have a hard time getting through winter? Find out how to deal with dry skin, even on the worst days!

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