Graduate Feature: Jade Pow - QC Makeup Academy
qc makeup graduate jade pow

Name: Jade Pow

Location: Northamptonshire, UK

Graduated QC Course: Makeup Artistry

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 Tell us a little about yourself!

I think the best word to describe myself is busy! I’m a mum of 3 (soon to be 4!) little girls all under the age of 8 so I’m always on the go! My husband and I both work full time. Life is always hectic for us, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

I have my own business as a makeup artist that is super rewarding. I get to meet different people each and every day and help people look and feel their best, which is by far the best part of the job! There is nothing more rewarding than helping a person feel beautiful. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful!

When did you first become interested in makeup artistry? And when did you decide you wanted to get professional training?

I’ve had an interest in makeup for as long as I can remember! I spent a long time battling my mental health issues, and one day, I had the realisation that the one thing which truly makes me feel better and helps me heal is makeup. That’s when I decided to get professional training and pursue this as a career in the hopes that I could help other people, too. If I could help just one person feel better about themselves, then my makeup training was worth every penny.

Why did you choose to do online makeup training? Why did you choose QC Makeup Academy?

With my busy life, I have no spare time to go to a beauty academy to train. I was searching for ways to get the training and makeup certification I needed without having to spend days away from home. And then I came across QC Makeup Academy. I was incredibly dubious at first, it seemed too good to be true. But after reading a lot of reviews, I decided to take the plunge and I’ve never looked back! The payment plan option was a god send, too! There is no way I would have been able to afford the money upfront, so paying monthly was ideal for me!

You work as a makeup artist and have your own business! Do you think QC’s courses prepared you for a successful career?

I can’t thank QC enough for what they have done for me. The training modules were easy to understand, the customer support was amazing, and having a celebrity makeup artist give me honest feedback about my work really gave me the support and inspiration I needed! My transformation from start to finish was incredible, and as soon as I graduated, I felt ready to take on the world and set up my very own business!

 You offer a variety of services for different occasions, like bridal makeup, prom makeup, and even Halloween makeup! What’s your favorite look to do on clients?

Bridal is my absolute favourite! As much as I love doing bold, glamourous looks, there is something about the simple beauty in bridal makeup that just captivates me! It’s classic and timeless!

 Name a product you couldn’t survive without – GO!

Oh, that’s a tough one. I think it’s the Skindinavia setting spray! I work all over the country, so having a setting spray that can keep your makeup flawless in any weather is priceless!

qc makeup artistry graduate jade pow

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work as a freelance makeup artist or start their own business?

My biggest piece of advice is do not compare yourself to other artists. It will be your downfall. You are amazing and talented in your own right. Comparing yourself to someone else will only make you feel like your work isn’t good enough when that’s just not true! Every makeup artist starts out somewhere, and we’re all on a journey that never ends. Practice every single day with new looks, new colours, new skin tones, new people… and I guarantee you it will work out. Never stop practicing and never doubt your self-worth. Everything will work out for you. Good luck!

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