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In this video, QC Student Ambassador Stephanie Wyatt talks about why she absolutely loves learning makeup online! From self-paced learning to hands on experience, Stephanie expresses why QC Makeup Academy was a great choice for her.

So watch the video or read below to learn some perks of learning makeup online!

Relaxed Learning

Stephanie describes her experience with QC courses as “chilled and laid-back” because she can complete the material at her own pace. At QC Makeup Academy, students have three years to complete a course after enrolling, which Stephanie thinks is fantastic! She explains that as a part-time student – or for anyone with other priorities like kids or a full-time job – this is perfect.

She also expresses that self-paced courses are also great if you want to really perfect a look before submitting it. Personally, she always just did a look and sent in the first try. But, looking back, she wishes she would’ve taken advantage of QC’s self-paced courses and really practiced each assignment before submitting.

On-Hand Course Materials

Stephanie also loves learning makeup online because of the course materials included! She says having the videos and texts online meant she could rewatch and reread them as many times as she needed. Having access to the course materials also enabled her to look back on earlier units while completing later ones. This is especially helpful when the skills carry over from other units.

Audio Feedback

In addition to the on-hand course materials, Stephanie loves receiving her audio feedback from her tutors. With QC Makeup Academy, there is a final assignment for each unit and you get personalized audio feedback for from your tutor. Stephanie even has all her old feedback saved so she can refer back to it while she is working on a new unit or course.

Having her old feedback also helps her to refer back to old units and reminds her of what she learnt. So, just as she can refer back to old course materials, she can also make sure she’s applying all her tutor’s feedback to her more recent assignments.


Stephanie says that online makeup school is so much more affordable than a brick-and-mortar makeup academy. As she puts it, “funds aren’t always your best friends.” In addition to being affordable, Stephanie was glad that she didn’t have to commute anywhere to get her makeup education. The price and convenience was something that really impressed her about QC Makeup Academy.

Broad but Specific Content

While discussing brick-and-mortar schools, Stephanie says that she did look into going to a collage near her. However, she was really drawn to QC because it covered so much in so much detail. From bridal looks to theatre to everyday looks, Stephanie gained so much from her Master Makeup Artistry course.

As someone with an interest in Special Effects, she also enjoyed the opportunity to take more specific courses in SFX. In addition to QC’s Makeup Artistry or Master Makeup Artistry, many courses are offered that focus on various areas of the industry. She thinks this makes QC a great school for not only beginners, but for established makeup artists who want to dive further into one area.

Pro Discounts

QC students and graduates get great discounts with many brands and stores – like Mac, Urban Decay, Kevyn Aucoin, and so many more! Though she hasn’t used any of them yet, she still thinks it’s a great way for QC students to save money on more expensive brands. Stephanie plans to use her discounts to stock her professional makeup kit with everything she needs!

Stephanie finishes off by emphasizing how learning makeup online was the best route for her financially and practically to get her makeup artist certification.

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