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Check out this video as QC Student Ambassador, Stephanie Wyatt, unboxes her Special Effects Makeup Workshop materials and prepares to tackle the course. If you’re considering taking on one of QC’s courses but aren’t sure what it’s all about exactly, this video can help give you a better understanding! Enjoy!

In today’s video we are going to be unboxing QC’s Special FX Makeup Course. I enrolled in both this course and the Master Makeup Artistry course in February 2016. It took me a full year to complete the Master Makeup Artistry course, only because I was also working a full-time job. I decided to start with the Master Makeup Artistry course because at the end there is a brief introduction to special effects makeup that makes it a nice transition into the Special FX Course. Also, in the Special FX course there are only four units to complete, compared to Master Makeup Artistry’s nine units.

Let’s get into the goodies you receive to set up your kit first. I think that the items you get to start off with are so generous because some are quite pricey, especially if you were to go to another company to purchase them separately.

Here’s what you get [1:15]:

Woochie Beige Bald Cap [1:30]

You will need to use this for one of the assignments in Unit A which requires you to apply a bald cap. In order to complete these assignments you will need to find the time and the people, because you can’t complete these assignments on yourself. That is a major point of the course. Your tutors need to see you perform and apply makeup to someone as you are essentially going to become a certified makeup artist. It’s not just about applying makeup on yourself. Being able to apply makeup on other people is the whole point!

2 Braided Crepe Wool Hair Strands [2:20]

These come in two different shades: light brown and darker brown. You can apply this with latex or spirit gum. These are for creating mustaches and beards, and other similar hair applications. I really like that the course comes with these because I wouldn’t even know where to get something like this. I suppose somewhere like Amazon, or a particular branded company. But I don’t know of the top of my head, so I really appreciate these.

Woochie Blood Gel [3:15]

I dearly love this product, as you can see by the state of the bottle. It’s a very gooey gel consistency and is fantastic as far as fake bloods go. I have used it for a couple of zombie, Halloween-esque makeup looks. Honestly, this product is so, so good!

Cinema Secrets Special Pro FX Blood [3:50]

“Drip it, smear it, fresh blood” – that’s what it says on the bottle. This one is also very good. I love both of the fake blood products. I don’t know a lot about fake blood, but just how thick they are and the consistency and texture makes them look so realistic.

Graftobian Theatrical Crème Wheel [4:15]

As you can see I’ve been dipping into it. It is essentially a makeup cream wheel, as the name suggests. It is very brightly colored which makes it perfect for all your theatrical needs.

Graftobian Rubber Mask Grease Wheel [4:50]

This product is very similar to the theatrical wheel. But, I haven’t used this one as much, purely because I haven’t gotten to that part of the course yet. That being said, it seems to be just as nice and very good quality.

Course Texts:

There are four units in this course. You get a course guide to begin with, and then a range of different workbooks and texts that you need to read and complete.

Unit A [5:40]

At the beginning of the Unit A Course Guide there is a welcome message, a material checklist, and info on meeting your tutor, as well as safety reminders and tips and tricks on how to take photos of your work correctly. Then, the book will go through all your assignments for that unit.

The first assignment is “A Letter to Your Tutor” [6:00].

For this assignment you will be a give a list of questions to answer in your letter:

  • What made you decide to take this course? Personal interest, desire to start a business, etc.
  • Have you done any kind of special effects makeup before? Even if it was just for fun, please let me know.
  • What about special fx makeup interests you the most?
  • What would you like to ask your tutor?
  • What skills do you hope to develop by taking this course?

Other Assignments and Practical Application [6:30]

There’s also a true or false assignment and a chart to fill out called “What’s In Your Makeup Kit”. Then, there are three practical assignments in Unit A. I have only completed the first one, “Highlights and Shadow Practice”. If it’s possible, I prefer to complete all the written assignments first, before I move onto the application.

Unlike Master Makeup Artistry where assignments like creating a smokey eye or a bridal look can be done at relatively any time, the special fx course assignments are more time intensive and complicated. For example, in one assignment you will be required to apply a bald cap on someone and in another you will essentially need to turn someone into an old person using old age makeup.

After trying the old age makeup assignment for the first time using my mom as a model, it seemed that nothing was going right. It’s important to remember that you’re not going to get it perfect the first time. If you do, you’re incredible. If you don’t, you’re still incredible anyway!

Other texts [8:15]:

  • Guidelines for Safe and Sanitary Special Effects Makeup
  • Bald Caps and Aging
  • Optional Business Training: Starting your Own Business

Note that the business training is designed to cater to those who want to start their own business and your grades or ability to complete the course won’t be affected if you chose not to complete them.

Unit B [9:05]

  • Unit B Course Guide
  • Working With Hair
  • Makeup For TV Film and High Definition Media
  • Optional Business Training: Marketing and Promotion for Your Business

You will touch upon makeup for TV and film in the Master Makeup Artistry course, as well. Makeup for TV, film, and theater is really the area that I want to specialize in. I’m in love with every aspect of it. I enjoy how makeup for TV and film is completely different than makeup for theater. Application should be very heavy for theater, but very thin and natural for TV and film.

Unit C [9:55]

Spoiler Alert: If you don’t like blood, there’s definitely blood in this unit!

  • Unit C Course Guide
  • Understanding Wounds
  • Optional Business Training: Working With Clients, Suppliers, and Your Business Associates

When I first started creating cuts and other wound applications, they were horrendous! All my liquid latex and toilet roll tissue was applied so thick. It basically didn’t look right. That’s why I’m very excited for this unit. I’m sure it will be very interesting!

Unit D [10:40]

  • Unit D Course Guide
  • Prosthetics and Blood Effects

I am most excited for this unit because I am very interested in the gory side of makeup rather than over-the-top theatrical makeup application. But, that is just my personal preference.


Stay tuned! I will be uploading review videos of all the units once I get into them. So far, I have been enjoying the course thoroughly and I can’t wait to be certified! I love that the course is online so that you can study from your home, or workplace, or anywhere that makes you most comfortable! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and we will respond! Thank you and see you next time!

Want to get started with QC’s Special FX Makeup Course right away? You can enroll here.

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