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We all know how important highlighting is in making your makeup glow. Therefore, this month Stephanie tries out QC’s new 4-shade highlight palette.

Although “Vision” is her favorite shade, she shows how you can incorporate all four shades into your makeup look! Watch the tutorial to see what Stephanie thinks of the highlight palette, and how to create a beautiful, glowy look.

Let’s Recap

  1. Stephanie starts off by swatching each powder highlight shade on her hand to compare the different colors.
    • “Lunar” is a light yellow-toned highlight, “Oomph” is a vibrant purple and pink shade, “Vision” is peachy shade (and Stephanie’s favorite shade!), and “Enrich” is darker and coppery shade.
  2. For her inner corner highlights, Stephanie chooses to use the shade “Lunar” as it’s one of the lighter shades. She uses a small blending brush and slowly works it into the corners of her eyes. As the color complements the whites of her eyes, it really makes her eyes pop!
  3. To highlight her brow bone, Stephanie uses the shade “Vision”. With a small, flat brush, she follow the full bottom of her arch to make her brows stand out.
    • Tip: as the colors are quite pigmented, you don’t need to use a lot of product!
  4. For her Cupid’s bow and nose, Stephanie uses the shade “Oomph” which has a cooler tone. With a small fluffy blending brush, she strokes the color over the bridge of her nose, and follows the natural shape of her top lip.
    • Use your finger to gently blend out the color on your Cupid’s bow.
  5. For her cheekbones, Stephanie uses the last shade, “Enrich”, to match her copper-toned eye shadow. With a fan brush, she gently strokes the color over her cheeks and blends it up towards her temple and hairline.
    • This shade would be perfect for a summer look!
    • As Stephanie’s bronzer shade is quite dark, she mixes in a bit of the “Lunar” shade highlight to make her cheekbones stand out even more!

Stephanie is very impressed with this new highlight palette! The colors are all very pigmented (so a little goes a long way!), and the pans of colors are really large. The magnetic packaging is also gorgeous, and is the perfect size for traveling. As the highlight shades glow beautifully in the sun, Stephanie can’t wait to experiment more with these colors!

What is your favorite highlight shade? Let us know in the comments!

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