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QC Makeup Academy Student Ambassador, Whitney Conn (Ellis), shares why she chose not to enroll in an in-person makeup artist class, and why she decided to enroll with QC Makeup Academy! Whitney is evolving into a skilled makeup artist and wants to ensure you start your makeup career on the right path!

If you are looking to start makeup school soon, there are a few things to consider while you do your research.

For myself, I spoke with countless people that had family in the industry, and they all gave me a few tips to help me get started. While researching various makeup schools for many years, I also kept in mind that there is a huge difference between brick and mortar schools and online schools. Here are a few to keep in mind!

Makeup Tutors in the Industry

In my local makeup schools, I noticed that there was always a professional in the makeup industry that was either running or teaching at the school. While yes, they may be in the industry in my local area, they had not done anything large enough for myself to be familiar with them as an artist.

Then, I came across QC Makeup Academy and the fun really began. They provided excellent information on the school’s executive makeup artist, Nathan Johnson – from where he received his training to what makeup jobs he has worked on. Coming across familiar shows like Project Runway and the Broadway show “Smash”, I really felt like this was information I could work with. With further research, I found out that this school has tutors from all over the world with years of experience in the industry. With so many tutors (all who have years in the industry), I truly felt like this school could help me reach my dreams.

Whitney Ellise- Why I Didn't Enroll In In-Person Makeup Artist Classes- Convenience

Online Makeup Classes are Convenient

One of my top reasons for enrolling with QC Makeup Academy was convenience. In-class night courses were out of the question because of the driving distance and the time commitment. Online learning was really my only option. With online schooling, I have the ability to work on my own schedule and at my own pace. This allows me to keep up with my full-time job, my now husband, and whatever else life throws my way.

Makeup Course Tuition

With most makeup schools, you’re looking to spend probably close to $20,000 or more for your education. QC Makeup Academy makes it easy for you. Price was a big component of why I decided to enroll with this school. Not only were the prices affordable, but they also offered payment plans! QC offers two different payment plans, like the Accelerated Payment Plan (pay over a four months period), and the Extended Payment Plan (pay over a twelve month period). I cannot say I found that option at any other makeup school.

Makeup School Accreditation

Backed by the Better Business Bureau, this school’s certifications are internationally recognized. I wanted to make sure that the school was legitimate and not some scam looking to take my money. Accreditation is beyond important to me because it shows that this school is committed to making sure their students get what they’re paying for.

Whitney Conn- Why I Didn't Enroll In In-Person Makeup Artist Classes- Dream Career

QC Makeup Academy has given me the tools and confidence to know that I can succeed in this industry. So please do your research! We are the future of makeup artistry and it is up to us get the knowledge out there. With the right education and tools, the possibilities are endless with what you can do.

Are you interested in starting your career in makeup artistry like Whitney? Learn more about QC’s online training classes!

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