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Meet one of QC Makeup Academy’s new Global Beauty instructors, Leena Dedhia! Leena is a co-owner of Mehendi Styling, a makeup artistry company based in New Jersey that specializes in Bridal Mehendi Henna makeup. She also offers Arabic, Glitter, Mouglai, & Henna tattoo makeup services. Leena has over 30 years’ experience in the makeup industry!

Leena has worked in a variety of fashion shows, events, and bridal makeovers over the years, and we’re excited to introduce her talent to QC’s students.

Watch the video below to hear about how Leena came into the makeup industry, and her top tips for working as a henna artist!

What first drew you to henna makeup?

Art is in my blood – my father was a commercial artist, my brother is a commercial artist, my older sister went to henna school, and started doing brides. At that time, I was in college. I thought I was going to work in a bank or something, I also did interviews, but when my sister came back from henna parties I would pick up her cone and started playing.

I really enjoyed doing that. The very next day, coincidentally, one of the girls was going for bridal henna and one artist called in sick. She asked if I could join her and do a simple design. I went and it took me almost 2-3 hours to do one hand – but I got paid. I thought, “This is interesting, I’m my own boss, I can work my own hours,” and that’s how I came into this industry.

I already knew that it was in me, but everybody has that day. I didn’t even know when I started doing bridal. I was doing families, friends, and within 6 months I was working on brides. My best friend was getting married, and she told me to do her henna – I wasn’t ready but she know I would do a good job.

In your career, have you doubted yourself?

Not now, but earlier yes – I never thought that I could be such a big henna artist or so famous in such a speedy way. When it took me two hours on one hand, I didn’t think I could do it. My dad encouraged me a lot that I just needed to practice to be a good artist.

You have to practice. In this field, practice will make you so perfect that you will not even realize the day you start doing bridal henna.

Having had that doubt, are there any other things you would say that young artists could do that might hurt their careers?

What I’ve noticed is that young artists are good at drawing their work, but sometimes they’re not on time. They also might not use the right henna – the one from the market isn’t good, you should be using your own henna.

Color is a key factor of henna. Even if you do such a wonderful job, if you can’t see it it’s not good – not for you or the client.
And you need to be very professional. You can’t go on talking and talking, just talk as much as you need.

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