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La Ville de Montreal – a thriving community of English and French speakers, all hoping to look their best on a daily basis. What better place is there for a creative makeup artist like yourself?

Montreal is home to a variety of artists and makes itself known in the fashion and film industries. As one of the biggest cultural cities in Canada, you have a plethora of opportunities to make it as a professional makeup artist.

Read on to find out how you can be a makeup artist in la belle province!

Where to Work in Montreal

Location: Mile End/Mile-Ex

Preferred Makeup Style: Theater Makeup, Film Makeup

Preferred Makeup Jobs: Movie Makeup Artist, Performance Makeup Artist

In the artistic hub of Montreal, you’ll find the neighborhood of Mile End which is home to an amalgamation of artists – from musicians to filmmakers. As a certified makeup artist, you have the chance to make your name prominent in various performance industries. Want to work on sets? Mile End is the place to go. Looking for a job in live theater and musical productions? Settle down right here! Interested in up-and-coming artistic projects and industrial editorials? You guessed it – Mile End has it all.

Of course, you can also start off in the edgy section known as Mile-Ex. This is where your classic hipster will be found in their natural habitat – and you can capitalize on their creative vision by working with models, actors, and entertainers.

Makeup Artist Courses in Montreal

Location: Old Montreal

Preferred Makeup Style: Everyday Makeup, Special Occasion Makeup

Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance Makeup Artists, Salon Makeup Artists

Old Montreal is one of the most unique places to visit in the country, rivaled in its French-Canadian history only by Quebec City. The cobblestone streets and historic buildings cast a charm that every tourist flocks to, and its gentrification in recent years has brought about a new era of businesses and boutiques.

As a professional makeup artist, your best bet in Old Montreal is to freelance – tourists and locals come to the area for a special evening out and, of course, they want to look fab! Not only this, but if you specialize in bridal makeup you could be catching a few higher-end clients. The esteemed Notre-Dame Basilica is located in this neighborhood, which means you could easily put your services on the map if you land these brides-to-be!

Location: Quartier des Spectacles

Preferred Makeup Style: Modern Makeup, Fashion Makeup, Performance Makeup

Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance Makeup Artist, Glamour Makeup Artist

As you should be able to tell by the name, the Quartier des Spectacles is an area where creative individuals find success. From the vast amount of theaters and performance venues, to the festivals and art museums, there’s no better place for an edgy makeup artist to make a name for themselves.

In this neighborhood, you have the Montreal Opera and the Grands Ballets Canadiens, both of which require creative makeup artists to put on seamless performances. There’s also a large number of festivals, like the Just For Laughs comedy fest and the Fashion & Design Festival. Your skills in performance, film, and fashion makeup will always be put to the test in this flourishing sector!

Certified makeup artist working on film set

Location: Côte-des-Neiges

Preferred Makeup Style: Global Makeup, Bridal Makeup

Preferred Makeup Jobs: Freelance Makeup Artist, Bridal Makeup Artist

Just a quick look through Côte-des-Neiges will show you a new side of Montreal being embraced by the neighborhood. The sheer amount of culture is sure to spark the imagination of every global makeup artist! As someone who can work with any skin tone and cultural makeup variation, you’ll make a decent living in this area.

In this community of various ethnicities, you have the chance to market your global beauty skills. From cultural bridal looks to henna design, you can reach a huge population in this neighborhood alone.

More than this, it’s a fantastic place to set yourself up – you’ll get to experience the taste of various countries and cultures all in one place!

Montreal Makeup Artists to Follow

Vanessa Coco

As a makeup artist who mainly focuses on bridal and editorial makeup, Vanessa Coco certainly doesn’t hold back in her work. Vanessa’s makeup artistry has been taken on by Victoria’s Secret, Reebok, and other companies, and her editorial portfolio is unreal.

We definitely recommend following her on Instagram – you’re sure to find new bridal inspiration!

Nelly C.

We are amazed at how beautiful Nelly C’s work is! Specializing in glamour, beauty, and bridal, Nelly has taken makeup artistry to a whole new level. Working with various stylists and models, this makeup artist can bring a creative vision to live through makeup. She complements the design and concept of each shoot with ease, and her brides glow in their natural beauty.

Annalisa Pearl

Making her name in the Montreal makeup industry, Annalisa Pearl specializes in a variety of skills. From special effects makeup, to industry photoshoots, to bridal and special occasion makeup, this girl can do it all. Her glamour makeup applications are always developed to perfectly complement each client, and Annalisa’s special effects work is simply stunning.

Check out Annalisa’s Instagram to view more of her work, and keep up to date with her latest projects!

Fashion and editorial makeup artist at work

Makeup Artist Salary in Montreal

If you’re looking to become a makeup artist in beautiful Montreal, then you don’t have to worry about earning a decent living. Professional MUAs in this city tend to earn over $28,000 per year – even when they’re just starting out! Of course, depending on your skill level and the industry you focus on, your earning can make a steep climb in just a few short years.

Makeup artist salaries in Montreal tend to rise with the national average in Canada, meaning you’ll be able to raise your prices along with the cost of living without turning heads. Your experience will speak to customers, as well – they know that makeup artists in this world-class city are paid generously (you can make over $20/hour after your first year!).

Want to become a freelance makeup artist? Follow this guide to getting started in the makeup industry!

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