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We all love being surprised with new product launches and testers – so why not get them every month?

Choosing a beauty box subscription allows you to bring the wonderful world of makeup right into your home! No more busy shopping malls and Sephora stores when a cosmetic line rolls out their latest products. This is especially good news for busy makeup artists — you don’t have time to wait in those awful lines!

Check out these 8 beauty boxes that will fit into any budget! Don’t waste your money on beauty products you’ll end up hating. Test them out with these clever little gifts…

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Under $20

On a tight budget for the time being? No worries – there are so many beauty boxes that only require a small monthly payment for your subscription. Put away $5 or $10 each payday to give yourself something to look forward to!

Ipsy, $10

Ipsy is one of the most well-known beauty bags out there! This small powerhouse brings you five great beauty products each month, catered to your skin tone and style. Take the quiz to get started, and you’ll be collecting top beauty products in no time.

Birchbox, $10

Just like Ipsy, this beauty box is $10 per month and comes packed with 5 beauty products. The best thing about Birchbox? You can rack up points for every dollar you spend on your subscription!

And it’s not a never-ending chase to get your rewards either. You get $1 for your next beauty box order for every 10 points you collect. I mean, if you’re going to get a beauty box anyways, you might as well get a little more bang for your buck!

Plus, Birchbox also has a version specifically catered to men. Give your man friend a glam groom every month!

Allure Beauty Box, $15

Yes, we’re talking about the renowned magazine. Allure has a beauty box subscription that sends out their editor’s favorite picks each month. Getting beauty recommendations from some of the top experts in the industry? Truly one of the best perks of this beauty program.

You’ll also receive a mini-magazine so you can learn more about each product before (or after) you use it.

High-end makeup discount bag

For a company who puts their customers’ beauty routine front and center, you best believe Sephora has outdone themselves with their beauty box!

Not only does it suit most people’s budgets, it also comes with some member benefits. If you subscribe, you get to attend meetups at your local Sephora and learn more about the products. You get access to free tutorials and can spend your time bonding with other makeup junkies!

Under $50

For a makeup artist looking to expand her knowledge and give clients even better recommendations, trying out a higher-end beauty box can help you out. If you’re working in an affluent neighborhood, your makeup clients will be counting on you for top-of-the-line recommendations!

Boxycharm, $21

If you have the money to spend on a pricier beauty box, you’ll definitely feel the benefits. Boxycharm sends you 4-5 samples – but they’re full-sized! This gives you a better idea of whether or not each product works well for you, rather than learning the hard way with a teensy sample.

This subscription can pay off, as well, since they have exclusive giveaways for subscribers. We’re not saying you’re going to win or anything, but it’s worth a shot!

FabFitFun, $49.99

A little more expensive (and less frequent), but arguably one of the best beauty boxes to wait for. With the FabFitFun box, you’re not just getting beauty. You’ll open your gift to find candles, workout gear, trending products, and much more on top of your beauty products.

If you can handle waiting 3 months between subscriptions, we say jump on this deal!

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Julep Maven, $24.99-$39.99

If you need a new beauty brand to start testing out, look no further. Julep’s beauty box subscription gives you a chance to try their products and decide if you want to stick with them or not!

You can either sign up for the My Maven box, or go all out and get the Maven Luxe box, where you’ll be sent their “prestigious” products. For a makeup artist who has tried most beauty products out there, the Luxe box might be your best bet to try something new.

One more thing – Julep also lets you send your box to a friend! This is the perfect birthday surprise, or even a great Mother’s Day gift (wink, wink).

Glowing Beets, $29.95

Earthlings, here’s your chance to help out the environment (and your skin!). Glowing Beets is a “clean, non-toxic, and cruelty-free” beauty box that you get each month. Tired of spending money on cruelty-free products that don’t work? Test them instead!

Making the move to clean and organic beauty products can be a challenge, but there’s no doubt that they are so much better for your skin. Get rid of all those chemicals and nourish your skin!

And by the way, a lot of these subscriptions start you off with a discount on your first order. Who says Christmas only comes once a year?

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