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Kenya Siltanen Profile

Name: Kenya Siltanen
Location: Woodinville, Washington
QC Courses taken: Master Makeup Artistry
Social Media: Instagram: @bykenyadann

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Kenya Siltanen, and I will be 22 on November 5th. I was born and raised in Washington, and I absolutely love it! I am engaged to the love of my life! We are set to get married in July.

Thanks to my mom, I got the travel bug early in life, which eventually lead to me moving to Denmark for six months. That experience completely changed my life and made me who I am today.

What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

Starting at an early age, I loved the performing arts. As soon as I could, I started dance lessons, which is where I learned my passion for the stage and the arts. Throughout middle school and high school I participated in countless musicals, plays, and dance recitals. Once it was time to figure out what to actually do for work, I wrestled with the idea of moving to Los Angeles for my acting career, but I quickly realized I wanted to stay in my home state.

I have always loved makeup but never thought of it as a possible career! I was always inspired by the makeup artists on YouTube and thought it would be fun to be a part of that industry. After a couple years of working as a barista, I started to research makeup schools and came across QC Makeup Academy. I immediately felt like this was the right next step for me. I was so excited and loved every moment of learning! Once I graduated from QC, I knew that I had found my next greatest passion, and I couldn’t wait to start my journey as a makeup artist.

Kenya Siltanen Halloween Duo

What was your first freelance gig like? Does having professional training give you more confidence?

My first freelance gig was so much fun! Having professional training definitely gave me confidence because I felt like I had a true understanding of what was expected of me as a makeup artist. My first gig was for a homecoming dance! It involved full glam, glitter, and false lashes!

It was such a blast, and the girls said they had so much fun! They loved feeling pampered and having their makeup professionally done. Helping people feel their best is probably my favorite part of being a makeup artist!

We love your Instagram. Your “Effortless Fall Makeup Look” is so perfect for this time of year! How do you dream up new looks?

Thank you so much! I get a lot inspiration from other artists, and I’m a little addicted to Pinterest. I love looking at what other people in the industry are doing. It gives me inspiration to try new things and to think up new and creative looks. There are days when I don’t feel super creative, and in that moment I sit down with my makeup and just play around. I find that it really helps me get out of a slump!

What was your favorite assignment for QC Beauty Academy? Any tips for new students?

Kenya Siltanen Eyebrow Technique Duo

I loved the bridal makeup assignments! My advice would be to not over think things. If you try a makeup look and you plan on it being for an assignment, but it doesn’t turn out the way you want, don’t panic! It doesn’t mean you are a terrible artist, it means you are human and you are in the process of learning.

It’s okay if it takes a few tries to get your desired look. Take your time. Practice makes perfect! This is such a fun journey, so just try and enjoy the time you have to be a student. Also, don’t hesitate to talk with your tutor. The tutors are there to help you succeed!

Finally, we need to know! What is your all-time favorite beauty product ever?

Oh my gosh! This is my most dreaded question! Ok—my all-time favorite beauty product has to be foundation! I think beautiful skin is the start to a flawless makeup look. Whether it is an everyday makeup look or full-on glam, foundation takes your skin to the next level!

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