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Hi guys! The theme of today’s post is all about travel! I’m going to talk to you about taking the time to relax on your holiday! I’m also going to be sharing my holiday makeup essentials!

Time to unwind

Sometimes it can be hard to switch off from work mode. It’s so easy these days to take your work with you on holiday! So much can be done with your phone that before you know it, you’ve been sucked into a work-shaped hole instead of taking some much needed time to chill!
I’m not going to tell you to completely disconnect from the world or to leave your phone behind because for most of us that is just not realistic. So instead, limit your use of it. Maybe set aside some time every day to check those emails or update your Instagram, but just keep it to a minimum!

Travel Tips for Makeup Artists Rest and Relaxation

However, just because you’re away doesn’t mean you can’t get inspired about your job. When I’m on holiday, I actually devote more time to experimenting with different makeup looks to see what I can create. My love of makeup started as hobby before I decided to pursue it as a career, so it’s nice to enjoy it! I often find myself even more inspired to get back into everything once I get back home — so the time away can be really refreshing!

Honestly, when it comes to packing my makeup, I want to take everything in sight.There’s a little voice in my brain that’s like, β€œbut you might need this, and this, and this!” But over the years, I’ve learnt to downsize and only take things that I’ll actually use (mainly because I’m forever nearly over the luggage weight limit!).

Travel essentials

My first essential is an eyeshadow palette that will do it all! For me, that is the Urban Decay Naked Palette! It’s important to pick a palette that has colors appropriate for both day AND night. With its mix of mattes and shimmers, the Naked Palette is the perfect choice! Choosing a palette that has black eyeshadow is also really useful, as it can also double up as an eyeliner.

Travel Tips for Makeup Artists  Makeup Essentials

My next essential is a good eyebrow product, because I always find that I look instantly more put together when my brows are done! They say that brows frame the face, and I really think that’s true! When I’m on holiday, I favor a tinted brow mascara, such as the Benefit Gimme Brow. It’s quick and easy to apply, but definitely keeps my brows in place all day.

Sometimes when I’m on holiday, I like to go for quite a basic eye look with some mascara (waterproof, if by the pool!) and brows. If I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll throw in a pop of color with a lipstick to complete the look! I love using bright magenta pinks and corals to brighten everything up!

My last essential is, of course, bronzer! My go to is NARS Laguna and I couldn’t ever be without it. There is nothing better than that bronzed holiday glow, but sometimes you need to help it along a bit with bronzer, especially if you’re as pale as a ghost like I usually am! If you have a sneaky bit of room left in your suitcase, pop in a highlighter. If there’s ever a time to glow, it’s while you are on holiday!

Amber xo

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