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Have you heard? QC has a new tutor! Based out of Atlanta, makeup artist and hair stylist Corianne Cowan has worked on everyone from circus performers to models to actors to luxury brides (and more!). We caught up with Corianne to talk business challenges, career highlights, and the passion to create.

Along with Azzi Williams, Corianne will be judging our Retro Glamour Summer Makeup Contest—why not get to know her before entering?

corianne cowan

Tell us a bit about your business!

I’m a beauty professional and love it! I provide hair styling, makeup application, men’s grooming, makeup design and am also a beauty blogger. I think makeup is amazing because it can perk you up and transform someone completely. It is a form of art and it is so much fun! Most of my work is with luxury brides, and beauty, editorial and commercial shoots. But you’ll also find me working fashion shows, working with corporate professionals and even doing some body painting.

What made you decide to become a makeup artist and hair stylist?

Corianne Cowan and cooper joel penn
Photography by Cooper Joel Penn

I have always enjoyed hair and makeup. I really learned more about it from being a performer (dancer and singer). Getting ready for shows was so much fun! I’ve always enjoyed it, but I had never thought of it as a career. But when a door opened for me to really give it my everything, I took it, and don’t regret it a bit!

What were your first few years in the business like?

The first few years in the business were so hard! Sometimes it’s still hard. As an artist, we tend to focus on only the makeup, the hair . . . the artistry. But this is a business and you need to learn how to run your business. To me, the artistry is fun, it’s exciting, and it keeps me going. The business aspect is what I have to stay disciplined about, because it doesn’t come easy.

What advice would you give to all your students?

The one piece of advice I would give is to always work on your artistry. There is always room to grow, learn more, and try new things. Keep an open mind and look for inspiration everywhere.

Can you share your top three career highlights so far?

What I call career highlights are probably not what others would consider highlights. For example, I did a styled shoot with some amazing creatives and for me it was definitely a career highlight. The shoot was published by a luxury bridal magazine and the photos were amazing! It was such a long day and we worked so hard. Every photo from that shoot was stunning! For me . . . Definitely a career highlight.

Another highlight would be Fashion Week. I had no idea what to expect, but the adrenaline is insane! I’ve heard from other artists, it’s either something you love or you don’t. I love it. It’s something I will do a lot more of.

My first destination wedding booking was a highlight for me. Knowing a bride trusted me that much and wanted my artistry for her wedding day, regardless of her location, and sought me out… It was an honor.

Corianne Cowan and Harmony Blackwell
Photography by Harmony Blackwell

Do you have a favorite look to create? What about a favorite hairstyle?

When it comes to makeup, I don’t know that I have an all-time favorite look. I like creating a fresh bridal look, while I also love the ultra-glam looks with South Asian bridal. Those are my two favorites, and possibly because they are the complete opposite of each other.

I think my favorite hairstyle to create is a faux-mohawk, because there are so many options. It’s a style that can be done elegantly, and perfect for a bride. Yet it can also work for the runway as a high-fashion option. I love that I can use curls, braids, extensions and various techniques to get a different look each time.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing about my job is the opportunity to create. I love so many forms of art . . . Makeup, music, dance, hair, painting—it is all beautiful. I just love to create. And I especially love when my clients trust me completely and just sit back and let me do my thing.

Want to know more? Check out Corianne’s website or Facebook page!

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