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It’s time to announce the winners of our Pastel Paradise Makeup Contest!

But first, we would like to extend a huge “THANK YOU” to all our participants, the semi-finalists, finalists, and our judges!

This year, our wonderful judges—Azzi Williams and Michele Mulkey—created personalized scorecards for each finalist to determine the winner of their category.

Category: Pretty Pastels

Judge: Azzi Williams

Here’s what Azzi was looking for:

  • Creativity: How unique is this look?
  • Effort: How much effort has the makeup artist put into the look in terms of colour, texture, and detail?
  • Skill: Was there a high level of skill demonstrated (colour palette selection, symmetry, blending, accuracy)?
  • Theme: Is there a clear conceptual connection with the contest?
  • Overall Image: Does the makeup complement the outfit, hair, and model’s features?

Pretty Pastels Scoring:

Stefany Allison Contest Finalist

Artist: Stefany Allison

  • Creativity: 7/10
  • Effort: 7/10
  • Skill: 7/10
  • Theme: 7/10
  • Overall Image: 8/10
  • Total: 36/50

Comments: Lovely colour selection and creative use of colour. Interesting and artistic interpretation of the spring theme. Watch for small details like refining the highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes, grooming and shaping the brows and blending lip colour for an overall smoother finish.

Charlotte Chabauty Contest Finalist

Artist: Charlotte Chabauty

  • Creativity: 7/10
  • Effort: 7/10
  • Skill: 8/10
  • Theme: 6/10
  • Overall Image: 7/10
  • Total: 35/50

Comments: Gorgeous, refined image showing tremendous skill and artistry. Overall image looks polished, professional and editorial-ready. The large patches of glitter in the inner corners of the eyes seem a little out of place and detract from the overall image. Would also benefit from more conceptual touches in line with the spring theme.

Lucia Rodriguez Contest Finalst

Artist: Lucia Rodriquez

  • Creativity: 7/10
  • Effort: 7/10
  • Skill: 6/10
  • Theme: 7/10
  • Overall Image: 7/10
  • Total: 34/50

Comments: Clever eyeshadow contouring and colour palette selection that creates a cohesive and sharp image. Watch out for any obvious photo retouching, such as the blurred skin just underneath her cheekbone. Watch lip colour is layered and blended well to create a more smooth, plump and glossy finish.

Rebecca Meinen Contest Finalist

Artist: Rebecca Meinen

  • Creativity: 6/10
  • Effort: 6/10
  • Skill: 7/10
  • Theme: 7/10
  • Overall Image: 7/10
  • Total: 33/50

Comments: A very subtle interpretation of the spring theme, would have liked to see more dramatic effort, colour and intensity to really bring out the spring vibe. From a skills point of view, the look shows good application of winged eyeliner, foundation and shadow application. Watch lips are hydrated and primed well prior lip products for a more plumped and seamless application.

Jessica Puente Makeup Contest Winner

Artist: Jessica Puente

  • Creativity: 8/10
  • Effort: 9/10
  • Skill: 8/10
  • Theme: 10/10
  • Overall Image: 9/10
  • Total: 44/50

Comments: The intense use of eye colour, detailed eyeshadow crease work and beautiful blending shout out spring time. Lips are a lovely hot pink stain—but could benefit from a more intense lip liner. Brows are groomed and HD perfect. Headpiece and hair colour complete the overall look beautifully.

Congratulations, Jessica! You are the winner of the Pretty Pastels category and have won Stila’s Eyes Are the Window shadow palette and Too Faced’s 6-piece Love Flush Blush Wardrobe!

Category: Pastel Fantasy

Judge: Michele Mulkey

Take a look at what Michele was scoring on:

  • Theme: Does the makeup reflect the “Pastel Paradise” contest theme?
  • Creativity: Does the makeup show elements of originality in the design?
  • Level of Difficulty: How elaborate was the makeup? Did it contain more difficult elements such as prosthetics, bald caps, airbrushing, etc.?
  • Application: Was skill shown in the makeup application?
  • Overall Look: Was the final makeup look enhanced with additional elements such as background, props, or wardrobe?

Pastel Fantasy Scoring:

Jade Charbonneau Contest Finalist

Artist: Jade Charbonneau

Total: 20/25

  • Theme: 5/5—The accent colors used include pastel tones, as well as the pastel blue color used as a base for the additional makeup elements, reflect the “Pastel Paradise” theme.
  • Creativity: 5/5—Yes! Although the elements used; such as glitter , the piece glued under the eye and the star pattern; are regularly found in other fantasy makeups, this artist mixed, matched and combined them all to create a more original makeup design.
  • Level of Difficulty: 5/5—There is an absolute level of difficulty shown in this makeup not only with the gluing of the eye piece to the model, but as well with the additional glitter and confetti used in the makeup. This makeup also included the more difficult application of airbrushing on the model, particularly around the neck area.
  • Application: 5/5—This makeup application absolutely shows, on many levels, the multiple skills of the makeup artist who created this look.
  • Overall Look: 0/5—This was a great makeup design and the most elaborate in terms of multiple mediums utilized by the artist to execute the look for this contest. If this makeup had the additional elements such as a background, props or wardrobe to enhance and complete the final look…It would have been an exceptional makeup! I gave a 0 in this section of the scorecard, as there were not any additional elements added for me to judge.
Brooke Fensom Contest Finalist

Artist: Brooke Fensom

Total: 21/25

  • Theme: 5/5—The color scheme used in the makeup were all pastel in tone and absolutely showed the “Pastel Paradise” theme.
  • Creativity: 5/5—The combination of two toned lips and a jewel pattern above the eye are used regularly in fantasy designs, but there is absolutely an element of originality in this makeup given the choices made in regards to the colors and application which allowed the makeup artist to make it their own.
  • Level of Difficulty: 3/5—This makeup did have a level of difficulty in the gluing of the jewels on the face creating a symmetrical pattern, but did not include more difficult elements such as a bald cap, prosthetics or airbrushing.
  • Application: 5/5—Yes! The makeup artists skill was showcased by the use of the jewel creation above the eye, as well as the flawless application and blending of the lips and eyes.
  • Overall Look: 3/5—Absolutely, although the colors used were not pastels, but colors in the shades of whites, silvers and grays. The costume and background did enhance the overall look of this makeup, but gave the makeup a more “Winter Wonderland” feel instead of a “Pastel Paradise” feel.
Andreanne Lupien Contest Finalist

Artist: Andreanne Lupien

Total: 18/25

  • Theme: 5/5—Yes! The color scheme of the makeup were all pastel toned which reflected the theme of “Pastel Paradise”.
  • Creativity: 3/5—There are elements of originality shown with the makeup design with the addition of rainbows to the face, which completely tied in with the overall look of the final makeup given the elements of clouds. I absolutely would have liked to see more elaboration and execution in the creativity and originality the overall makeup application to the model.
  • Level of Difficulty: 3/5—This makeup did have an element of difficulty in attaching the rainbows to the model’s face, but did not contain any of the more difficult elements such as prosthetics, a bald cap or airbrushing.
  • Application: 2/5—Skill was shown in the application of gluing the rainbows onto the model’s face, but the makeup itself was more simplistic in application and did not necessarily showcase the skill set of the makeup artist.
  • Overall Look: 5/5—Absolutely! The pastel tones in the color of the wig and shirt, as well as the addition of the clouds to the background (and foreground!) not only enhanced the overall look, but stayed true to the “Pastel Paradise” theme of the contest.
Jessica Puente Contest Finalist

Artist: Jessica Puente

Total: 22/25

  • Theme: 5/5—Yes! The colors used in the makeup included pastel tones and reflect the theme of “Pastel Paradise”.
  • Creativity: 5/5—Most of the elements used in the makeup design are commonly featured in fantasy makeups, but the artist combined these elements with a pastel toned color scheme to match the overall “Pastel Paradise” theme, as well as the additional elements used in the final look, to create an original design for the contest.
  • Level of Difficulty: 3/5—A level of difficulty was shown in attaching the fashion lashes to the models eyes, but the makeup did not include more difficult elements such as a bald cap, prosthetics or airbrushing.
  • Application: 5/5—YES! This makeup was very well executed and shows an application, symmetry and blending techniques which absolutely exemplifies the wonderful skill level that the makeup artist processes.
  • Overall Look: 4/5—Yes! This is an excellent makeup design and the additional elements of the pastel tones of the hair, as well as the pastel toned head dress complement and added to the final look of the makeup. The addition of a theme toned background would have totally completed the overall look of the makeup and design.
Kimberley Hill Makeup Contest Winner

Artist: Kimberley Hill

Total: 23/25

  • Theme: 5/5—YES! The colors used in the makeup are pastel in tone and reflect the “Pastel Paradise” theme of the contest.
  • Creativity: 5/5—The feathered eyelashes and blended makeup tones contouring the model’s face are elements that are prevalent in many fantasy makeups, but the artist did an amazing job in matching the color of the makeup to the overall theme and look of the contest; as well as using colors that complemented tones found in the additional elements such as the head dress and even the lighting used in the background; which showed elements of originality in the design.
  • Level of Difficulty: 3/5—There was a level of difficulty shown in the proper application of the feathers to the eyelash area, but the makeup did not include any of the more difficult elements such as a bald cap, prosthetics or airbrushing.
  • Application: 5/5—Yes! This makeup application was done with great precision and blending techniques, which absolutely showcased the skill level of the artist applying the makeup
  • Overall Look: 5/5—Absolutely! This picture had the most in additional elements such as the pastel toned hair and pastel themed head dress, combined with a pastel toned background that, without a doubt, enhance the overall look of the makeup keeping in tone with the makeup theme “Pastel Paradise”. This is now a total makeup look and design worthy of a portfolio page in any book!

A special word from Michele: This makeup was not only extremely well executed and reflected the theme of the contest, but scored the highest overall in the “Pastel Fantasy” category for the “Pastel Paradise” contest. The wonderful addition of the final elements enhancing the overall look and theme of this makeup have created a final picture that is portfolio quality. Congratulations to Kimberley Hill for her amazing makeup entry in the QC Makeup Academy “Pastel Paradise” contest!

Congrats again, Kimberley! You are the winner of the Pretty Pastels category and have won the Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette and the UD Electric Pressed Pigment Palette!

Special QC Makeup Academy Student Prize Winner!

And finally, the winner of the QC student/grad prize draw for Urban Decay’s UD Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette and WilliamsPro translucent setting powder + brush is… Kyla Lardie!

Again a huge congratulations to all of our winners and to everyone who participated in this spring makeup contest!

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