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If you’re a makeup artist looking to expand your skill set to add to your menu of makeup artistry services, QC’s Hair Styling Essentials course can help you get there! Your instructor, celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist Laurie Vukich, will show you the fundamental techniques to create countless hair masterpieces.

But as Laurie has shown us in this video clip right from the course, hair stylists need a lot of supplies to cater to their clients’ hair needs. Hair styling products can be really bulky and weigh you down, so that’s why we’re giving away a 5-in-1 hair styling wand with every course! You can leave your unmanageable mess of cords behind and instead interchange the wands to different sizes and taperingsโ€”which Laurie absolutely loves!

QC Makeup Academy Hair Styling Wand

Another huge benefit of the QC hair styling wand is the customizable temperature. Unlike other wands that simply have an “on” and “off” switch, you can select the appropriate temperature for the type of hair you’re working with. Say goodbye to fried, thin hair or barely-curled, thick strands!

Want to see how it works? Let Laurie tell you herself how much she loves the styling wand and shows you how to use it!

Now head on over to Laurie’s blog at naturesknockout.com for her tutorial using the QC 5-in-1 hair styling wand to create this retro, 1940’s pinup hairdo! Plus, see some more of her work doing 40’s hair on the movie set of Hanneli and Anne. QC’s styling wand is perfect for achieving these period hair styles!

retro hair with 5-in-1 hair styling wand

Want to learn more about QC Makeup Academy’s Hair Styling Essentials course? Check out the course outline!

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