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It’s time to announce our Va Va Voom Valentine’s Day Makeover Contest winner!

This year, we were looking for the ultimate transformation! We selected the best “before & afters” and you guys voted for your favorite on our Facebook page.

And the winner is…

QC Makeup Academy is proud to announce Rebecca Hoheisel’s “sweet heart” look as the winner of our Va Va Voom Valentine’s Day Makeover Contest!

Rebecca Hoheisel Makeover Contest Winner

Congratulations, Rebecca! You have won our Makeover Essentials Kit, featuring a makeup artist train case, a 5-in-1 curling wand, 5 makeup palettes, a makeup brush set, 25 pairs of falsies, and more makeup goodies!

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, to all those who voted, and to everyone who supported our extremely talented finalists! Take a look at all of the talent this contest showcased:

The Finalists

Artist: Itzel Puentes

Itzel Puentes Makeover Contest Finalist

Artist’s Description: I want to create a incredible transformation but at the same time very natural. Playing with warm tones trying to create a romantic look.

Artist: Jessica Puente

Jessica Puente Makeover Contest Finalist

Artist’s Description: This look was created with the thought of being created to love you ❤ kind of like Frankenstein.

Aritst: Jessica Barahona

Jessica Barahona Makeup Contest Finalist

Artist’s Description: The look I decided to create is of an elegant woman attending a Valentine Ball. I wanted the makeup look to have a slight 19th century feel/character in a Tim Burton film.

Artist: Rebecca Anne Hospedales

Rebecca Anne Hospedales Makeup Contest Finalist

Artist’s Description: In this look, I wanted to channel my inner Valentine’s Day fairy by sticking to the classical red and white colors but adding an ethereal direction and shading by blending a variety of shades together and bringing them outward to open the eyes while adding a thick, fantasy lash to give it a dreamy feel. My hair is naturally curly, so I wanted to try a low heat alternative for natural hair so that while the hair is wild, it is also feminine and very fairy like. By bringing it all to one side, it gives room to accentuate the neck, and show off one side of the face unapologetically. This look is meant to be a going out look; I know my boyfriend is totally fine with me going out with him in this. I hope it rocks your socks off!

Artist: Denver Andrews-Long

Denver Andrews-Long Makeup Contest Finalist

Artist’s Description: Hair: I put loose soft curls in my hair to give the look a romantic feel, I used my ghd straighteners to create them rather than tongs as I felt using these would have made my hair looks too uniform and stiff.

Makeup: I used a variety of different shadows on my eyes, I started with a sand colour to cover my whole eye after using eye primer I then added a vibrant pink to my crease and tapered outwards, I then added a foil eye shadow to the inner corner of my eyes that was in a gunmetal colour (I did this to make my eyes pop) I then added a rose gold shimmer to the inner corner of my eye and also added this to my bottom line but only slightly. I then used a taupe to darken the outer edges of my eye and blended this into my lid and my crease, I also brought this down to the outer edge of my bottom lash line to soften the look. I then used a felt liner to add the wings to my eyes and then I lined my upper and lower waterline with a black kohl pencil. I then finished the look with mascara and false lashes. For my face I used a illuminating face primer topped with a dewy foundation and set with a transparent powder. I then highlighted my brown bone, cheek bones, above top lip and slightly on my chin. I then set with a finishing spray. For the lips I used a soft shimmery pink lipstick, I used this as I didn’t want to go to heavy on the lips as there is so much colour and texture on the eyes.

Overall I tried to create a romantic look that could be transferred from day time to evening.

Artist: Suzanne Andrew

Suzanne Andrew Makeup Contest Finalist

Artist: Courtney Easterly

Courtney Easterly Makeup Contest Finalist

Artist’s Description: I choose to go with a warm orange and plum smokey eye, to give a lot of drama to the eyes and to conplment the blue eyes. Also, paired with the a winged liner to elongate the eyes for a more sexy look. I decided to go with a dark purple lip instead of the traditional red because dark purple reminds me of a suductive vampire and nothing is more sexy then that! Plus it makes you look more mysterious, which every man loves! Then just a warm glow to the cheeks for a sun skissed apparence! For the hair just a simple topknot bun to show off the face more.

Artist: Taylor Elise Lucas

Taylor Elise Lucas Makeover Contest Finalist

Artist’s Description: For the Va Va Voom Valentine’s contest I decided to create a Broken Porcelain Valentine’s Doll, using a white foundation mixed with a small amount of colour for the base, powdered over with a slightly shimmering translucent powder for a porcelain doll effect, I used QC eyeshadows in a peach/pink blending into a bright red and then a dark red at the outer corners of my eyes and a gold along my brow bone. I used the second QC eyeshadow palette (pinks and peaches) to create a small amount of colour on my cheeks. I used black lip liner to create a heart shape on my lips, filling it with a red lipstick and dabbed on a shimmery red eyeshadow to create a shiny but matte doll-like effect. I created cracks and splits over my face using black pencil and liquid eyeliner, and black eyeshadow on my QC angle brush to create the finer, less prominent cracks. I morphed one side of my winged liner into small fractures meeting with a bigger crack above to create a really awesome looking effect around one eye. I created a cracked chest using eyeliner again, with a red heart showing from it using matte red lipstick. I shaded around all cracks and my chin using a dark QC concealer to add depth and a more realistic effect.

For my hair, I rolled it up in foam rollers before applying makeup, and removed them after my makeup was finished. I decided to flip it the complete opposite way to where I normally wear it, blowdrying it into place with a small amount of product, creating different hair colours, volume and bouncy waves, I braided back one side and secured with pins, then added 2 red rose hair clips to compliment the colours in my makeup and the dress I decided to wear.

Artist: Christen Stephens

Christen Stephens Makeover Contest Finalist

Artist’s Description: I did this look based off a scripture. After finding what Valentine’s Day stood for I thought it would be appropriate to have a bible verse across the chest piece. I submerged my model into milky water and surround her with candle light and fresh roses to create a more romantic look. I just curled the sides of her hair and pinned it back so you could see the chest more. I really enjoyed doing this look because it got my creative juices flowing again. Thank you. 🙂

Artist: Brittney Vernacchio

Brittany Vernacchio Makeup Contest Finalist

Artist’s Description: “Smoked Out Cranberry”

I decided to do a sultry smokey eye with shades of pink & cranberry for Valentines Day! Xo

Artist: Amelia Rosina Scotney

Amelia Rosina Scotney Makeover Contest Finalist

Artist’s Description: The model for this makeup look is myself. I have an oily based skin type, with redness and uneven skin tone. Therefore I went for a matte and full coverage finish to last all date long. In the spirit of love I designed this look around the colour pink. Placing pops of pink throughout the cheeks, lips and eyes. For hairstyling, I created voluminous hair by blow drying with a large barrel brush. I am very happy with the final result, I believe it creates a big Va Va Voom Impact which I am excited to flaunt this Valentines Day.

Again a huge congratulations to our winner and our finalists, and to everyone who participated in this Valentine’s Day makeup contest!

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    Congrats Rebecca! And great job to all the finalists! There is some pretty great work here and solid technique!!!! In the future, I would love to see everyone submit make up with the eyes open. AT the end of the day, make up is only done well if it looks great when the eyes are open. We don’t walk around with our eyes closed after all!

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