My First Professional Makeup Artist Job

Hey guys!

I hope you’re having a fabulous week! It’s low season down here in Puerto Rico but there’s always a lot to do.

Today I’ll be walking you through my first experiences working as a Makeup Artist. After I started studying at QC, I started posting pictures of my models for my assignments and all my practice makeup on my social media. Soon enough, people started asking me if I could do their makeup. At first I was too shy and not very sure of myself so I would decline. Once I felt happy with my work and was receiving very positive feedback from my tutor, Nathan, I started accepting small jobs from my friends (here in PR there is still no official MUA license so I could start working without any setbacks). I wouldn’t charge them much since they were basically my guinea pigs!

Posting Makeup Photos to Social Media

A few months later, and after taking quite a few continuing education courses in nearby cities, I started getting calls from friends of friends who I didn’t know. That’s when I landed what I see as my first real makeup gig. It was the first time I was going to do a total stranger’s makeup. I was to go to her house and do her makeup for a formal event at a hotel. I was so nervous! I cleaned and sanitized my brushes and kit the night before, organized my (then) small makeup bag, and left everything set for the big day. I arrived at her house a bit before time and set everything up really nicely. I noticed the lighting was horrible at her house and, being my first job, I didn’t have any lighting of my own. It was easy to make small talk during the time I was there and she seemed relaxed and at ease. She told me she didn’t usually wear much makeup and was willing to let me do whatever I thought would look good on her.

Makeup Artist Job Set up

Looking back at that day, I took a REALLY long time doing her makeup. I wanted everything to be perfect and I had never really taken my timing during other makeup applications. Anyway, she was really happy with the end result and I was too. I got paid, left her dining room table clean, and went home feeling satisfied. That night, around midnight, I got a text from my client saying “Thank you so much for my makeup. Everyone at the party complimented me and it lasted ALL night! From now on you’re my official MUA.” I was so proud! That first client then recommended me to her friends, who kept on spreading the word and landed my first bridal party makeup.

After that experience almost a year ago, I’ve had brides, and even an experience as a hair & makeup artist for a reporter from national news channel, which I’ll probably tell you about in another blog post. 🙂

Keep on practicing, and keep on learning!

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  • stephanie says:

    Hello I understand this is a online course ? can you make payments ? and are the classes set up for certificate ” you become a MUA” Im writing from kansas city mo, And models or is all class work on paper ,or online? thanks again Stephanie West

    • Mireille Pitre says:

      Hi Stephanie!

      QC is an online makeup academy. Upon graduation you’ll receive a professional certification based on which course(s) you’ve completed. You will have to complete assignments, including practical makeup applications on models (you can use friends or family, or yourself as a model) and submit photographs of your work for grading by your tutor. Your tutor will provide you a grade for each assignment along with an audio recording containing their feedback on your work. Here’s where you can find an example of audio feedback provided by a tutor.

      To answer your other question, you can absolutely choose to pay your tuition in installments. You can click here to learn more about tuition and payment plans.

      Hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any more questions 🙂


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