Drag Makeup Tutorial

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A Drag Makeup Tutorial

Drag makeup is an art form all on its own! It’s all about dramatic transformations and dramatic makeup to complement a dramatic persona. Did we mention it’s dramatic?

Drag makeup is very diverse, but it normally all has the same theme. You guessed it: DRAMA!

Today, MAC makeup artist Jamie Smith is taking us through a complete drag makeup tutorial, inspired by one of your favorite drag queens. You’ll learn how to cover your eyebrows, how to implement the key elements of a typical drag makeup look (like high cut crease eyeshadow, big eyeliner, overdrawn lips, and exaggerated contouring), and many other tricks of the trade!

How did your drag makeup look turn out? Share your advice in the comments, and tell us your favorite drag makeup techniques!

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2 responses to “A Drag Makeup Tutorial”

  1. Tara says:

    Yes please. From UK xx

  2. Shekinah says:

    I really Love this! Now I need to have some fun and create a drag look, now to get some false lashes and loose glitter eyeshadow 😀

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