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Halloween Makeup Contest: The WINNERS!

By November 3, 2014November 8th, 2019Announcements

Over the month of October QC held a Halloween Makeup Contest. We received hundreds of entries in Gore, Vintage and Fantasy makeup and our fans have now selected a winner by voting on QC’s Facebook Page.

Today our judges—Michele Mulkey, Azzi Williams and Nathan Johnson—are giving their critique on why the winning makeup entries were selected as the winners!

Gore Makeup Winner: Kristina Stuller of Toledo, Ohio

Judged by: Michele Mulkey

I truly enjoyed your Terminator makeup not only for the amazing way you blended the edges of the prosthetic into the model’s skin, but also for the realist coloring you applied to the prosthetic in relation to the model skin tone and injury.

It is always paramount in any SFX or Gore makeup to strive for realism in the application! This makeup not only shows your attention to detail, but a true understanding of human anatomy and how the tissue would look in correspondence to an injury of this nature. I look forward to seeing what you create with your future SFX and Gore make-ups!

Congratulations Cristina!


Vintage Makeup Winner: Caroline Kamar of Ville St-Laurent, QC

Judged by: Azzi Williams

Caroline’s overall makeup application is creative, dramatic and photographs beautifully. Her overall color scheme is true to the era and shows tremendous effort and skill, while still remaining balanced and not over the top. Her brows have a subtle vintage-inspired arch that are natural yet still frame her gorgeous, intense eyes.

Lips are a fantastic pin-up choice of deep, glossy red that intensifies the whole look, plus they have a lovely defined, plump finish. Last but not least, her skin is flawless, blended and fresh, with just enough contour and blush to add dimension to the architecture of her face. Great costume, accessories, hair and pose make her a well deserved winner!


Fantasy Makeup Winner: Livia Rideg of Dubai, UAE

Judged by: Nathan Johnson

There are so many things about Livia Rideg’s fantasy makeup application that make it extraordinary. Before I even get to the gold, the beauty makeup itself demands praise. The precision of application is flawless. The lips are perfect. The blush sits in that magic spot that maximizes both contour and sexy glow. The highlights are divine and perfectly placed. Normally, I am not a fan of lashes so extreme, but given the turn this perfect beauty makeup takes, I do not believe any other lash could have been more perfect. They create the ideal bridge from flawless beauty to stunning fantasy.

As we take a look at the gold, I want to take a moment to express just how difficult what Livia did is. Those products (gold leaf, gold shimmers, glitters of all grades, etc) are very mischievous. They love to crumble, float away and go all over an otherwise beautiful beauty makeup. She has masterfully create texture and balance without overdoing it. He thoughtful choices like, using a gold cosmetic cream under the eye, instead of the gold leaf or glitter, was the mark of a true professional.

Those products could easily fall into the model’s eye, which would have been a disaster, but, the beautiful smoothness really allows the model’s eye to have a spectacular life. The line where gold meets flesh wanders in a beautifully effortless way that invites the viewer to follow it.

The gold on the neck fades form texture to smooth as it crosses the throat allowing a story to form in my head. Great makeup can tell many stories and here is what hers told me. A beautiful woman stole the heart of King Midas. In a moment of weakness, without thinking, he touched her soft cheek, and before his eyes, he watched this beautiful, delicate woman turn into just another one of his ordinary golden treasures.

Livia created a work of art. Her story may have been very different than the one I saw, but what shows her greatness is the fact that a story, or many stories, can be seen within it.

Congratulations Livia. This is outstanding work.


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