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Halloween is just around the corner! Do you have your costume yet? If not, don’t panic! You can create an awesome, inspired costume and still be the life of any Halloween party!

Here are some of our favorite ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes.

Chewing Gum

Head on over to the local department store and buy a few pink towels or sheets. Wrap them loosely around yourself, and attach different bits of stuff to you. Tie a shoe to your head and voila! You’re an old discarded piece of bubble gum!

Black & White Movie Character

This is especially effective if you’re a couple or a group… but at least one of you needs to be somewhat of a makeup artist to pull it off. Dress up in grayscale clothing and do your black & white makeup. For an added flare, dress in period clothing: Maybe the ladies are in pencil skirts carrying big purses and the men are in pinstripe suits… you are now the cast from an old gangster movie!

Interested in Black & White Makeup? Check out Brittany’s Black & White Makeup Tutorial!

Cast from the Village People

It’s easy to find old cheap clothing at Value Village, Salvation Army, or other Charity Shop to put together the classic policeman, construction worker, Native American, leatherman, cowboy, or military costume. Again if you want to go the extra mile, gather six of your friends and carry a soundtrack as you enter the party!


This is one of my favorite last-minute ideas. Raid your kitchen and warp yourself up in aluminum foil or plastic wrap. For an extra bit of authenticity, you can stuff some non-messy veggies (lettuce leaves, carrots, etc.) where the wrap ends on your arms and around your neck, and you’re a leftover salad, taco, or whatever you’d like!

Classic Icons

Think Rosie the Riveter, the Little Red Riding Hood, Bonnie & Clyde, Where’s Waldo, Carmen San Diego… these can all be created very simply with a few pieces of wardrobe and a bit of classic makeup. Add a few props (basket of goodies for the Red Riding Hood, toy machine gun for Bonnie or Clyde, Globe for Carmen San Diego) and there you have it! A 5-minute costume everyone will recognize!

Do you need help in creating the perfect vintage makeup look? Watch this vintage makeup tutorial!

Rubik’s Cube

Cardboard + 6 Different Colors of construction paper + Black electrical tape = You are now a rubik’s cube! Simple… Awesome.

What are some of your Halloween Costume ideas? Let us know in a comment

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