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Dress Code 101: Men’s Fashion

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As a sequel to our Dress Code 101: Women’s Fashion post, we felt we couldn’t leave out the men! See below for some handy fashion infographics for figuring out men’s fashion and dress codes.



Men's casual


Casual wear refers to the “everyday” outfit—something you might wear going to the grocery store or to hang out with some friends. A reasonable expectation of cleanliness is expected in casual situations—i.e. no holes in uncomfortable places, no visible stains, etc.

Business Casual


Business casual—men's


Business casual outfits are a step up from casual outfits. They are clean cut, crisp, and well-fitted. Avoid denim if you can and opt for a khaki or grey pant. A dress shirt complements the more casual pant look and a nice pair of polished shoes finishes off the look. Make sure you don’t have any wrinkles!



Business men's


In most cases, it is safe to assume that if the dress code is “business”, you need to wear a suit (black or grey), a suit jacket, and a tie. A belt is a really nice accessory that pulls the whole look together for that “polished” feel—just make sure the belt matches the motif (i.e. don’t wear a brown belt with a black suit).



Formal men's


Formal occasions, like a wedding or reception, require you to break out that bowtie and rock some cufflinks! Ensure that your pants and shirt are pressed and clean and that you have an appropriately coloured belt. Don’t forget to shine your shoes!

Black Tie


Black tie men's


Black tie events are about as fancy as they come. They are a step-up from formal events, and usually the dress code is specified as “black tie” on the invitation to attend. For these events, be sure to have a well-fitted tux jacket (black or white) and black dress pants. A cumberbundt, (that thing that looks like a sash) is tied around your waist where your pants meet your shirt. You could also consider having a boutonnière in your breast pocket.

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