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Women don’t just work hard; they live and play hard as well. Daily life is busier and more hectic than ever. Work, romance, and fun flow one into another, so it only makes sense that we have a makeup plan that can transition with us.

The idea of changing makeup seems like way too much work for most women. But it is our job as artists to teach our clients the tricks that make transitioning far less of a task.

Since most women wear the basics during the day (foundation, liner, and mascara), I am going to cover some quick tricks that will change any makeup look from daytime to party-ready in a flash.

Foundation Touch-up

Using the pinky finger, or a small synthetic brush, reapply the perfect shade of foundation to areas where it has worn away. Under the eyes and around the nose are two places to pay attention to. People touch, tug, and wipe their noses constantly, and this tiny fix will do wonders.


Most people develop a bit of shine during the day. So tone it down by dusting a light touch of powder over the entire face. If you don’t want to take a powder brush everywhere with you, cotton balls do an amazing job. Now, remember, I said a light dusting. The goal is to tone down the shine…so less is more.


If eyeliner and mascara are left over from the morning, don’t reapply. Let’s dress up the lids by applying a soft, sultry shade, one that will immediately jazz up the eye. Go from the lash line right up to the crease. Lining the lower lid will add depth and definition. Use an angle brush or a pencil to add color. If you want an extra pop, liquid eyeliner is really your best bet. Use it only on your upper lid…and if you want to get the cat eye, pull it just beyond the outer corner and flick it up.


To make the mouth pop at night, depth and drama are key. The easiest way to get the look is to apply a shade of lipstick or gloss that is two shades deeper than the color you wear for the day.

These day-to-night makeup tricks are really simple, but you will see that the finish is a universally flattering, slightly more dramatic version of the daytime look. The perfect combination of depth and darkness will guarantee you a flawless face that will look great in any nighttime lighting.

Here’s a tip: Have your client assemble a small makeup bag that fits in her purse or desk drawer. Then she will always have everything she needs to make the day-to-party transition!

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    Thank you for the information and your tips. It will help me show some of my friends how to use makeup.

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