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Skincare Course Outline

Learn all about taking care of your body’s largest organ. You’ll build on skincare theory from the basics of skin type identification to conducting a skincare consultation in a series of hands-on, practical assignments.

UNIT A: Introduction to Skincare

  • Skincare Basics
  • The Role of a Skincare Consultant
  • Skin Anatomy and Skin Types

UNIT B: Skincare Product, Tools, and Treatments

  • Understanding Skincare Labels
  • Recommending a Cleanser and Moisturizer
  • Recommending Skincare Tools
  • Makeup Recommendations
  • Morning and Nighttime Skincare Routines

UNIT C: Working with Skin Conditions

  • Skin Concerns and Conditions
  • Assessing Skin Types and Skin Concerns
  • Morning and Nighttime Routines for Acne-Prone Skin

UNIT D: Anti-aging Skincare

  • The Causes of Aging Skin
  • Anti-Aging Products and Ingredients
  • Evaluating an Anti-Aging Cream
  • Anti-Aging Skincare for Mature Clients

UNIT E: Natural Skincare

  • Natural Skincare Basics
  • Selecting Natural Skincare Products
  • DIY Skincare Recipes
  • The Skincare Consultation
  • Consultation Problem-Solving

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How You’ll Learn

  • QC will send you all the course books
  • You’ll watch instructional videos and read full-color course texts on skin type identification and care
  • You’ll complete fun and practical hands-on assignments
  • You’ll upload your work to the Online Student Center
  • Your personal tutor will evaluate your work and provide personalized audio feedback
  • You’ll review your tutor’s advice to improve your skills for the next unit
  • On course completion, you’ll receive a certificate of completion

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