Luzaan de Bruyn

Student Ambassador

I’ve earned one degree after another, but I was always left feeling unaccomplished. I kept yearning for more and I kept feeling empty. One day, I stumbled upon QC Makeup Academy’s page by complete chance. It was love at first sight! I’ll admit, though, that I was a bit hesitant at first. I researched QC for a few weeks before taking the “leap of faith”. It’s proven to be the best leap of faith I could have ever taken. Instantly, my passion for makeup artistry and all things beauty related was ignited!

QC Makeup Academy is unique in ALL aspects! I get to follow my dreams at my own pace (which, let’s admit, is something a mother of three needs). I don’t have the stress of finishing an assignment at a certain time, and there’s no pressure to train at a certain pace. QC not only provides amazing courses; they also provide a community and family that most of us never knew we needed. Plus, their expert tutors truly want you to become the best makeup artist possible!

Before QC Makeup Academy, I couldn’t do my own makeup to save my life. When I started the Master Makeup Artistry Course, I was as new to makeup as new could be. But QC gave me everything I needed in order to grow into a professional MUA. I can happily say that I now am a successful freelance makeup artist, special effects artist, and soon-to-be virtual makeup consultant. QC Makeup Academy opened doors to a world I never knew existed. For that, I am forever grateful!


Here are the courses Luzaan is taking with QC!

Master Makeup Artistry

Graduate 2019

Special FX Makeup

Graduate 2019

Airbrush Makeup

Graduate 2019

Virtual Makeup Training

Currently Enrolled